Windows Vista-XP Dual Boot

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by tush_jainn, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. tush_jainn

    tush_jainn Guest


    I have dual boot desktop
    C:\ XP
    D:\ Vista

    In XP, i have made the registry changes so that i cannot access/se
    vista (D:\) partition, i works fine. Though from Vista, i am unable t
    hide XP partition (C:\)...i don't want to have access to X
    partition...any suggestion?

    ps: I am new to forum, not sure where to put this thread
    tush_jainn, Apr 2, 2009
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  2. tush_jainn

    Ronin Guest

    Reading this and other messages from you, I strongly suggest you use a
    full-service partitioning app and boot manager. Windows XP and Vista are
    neither. You've already encountered the most obvious drawback of the
    partitioning app, whereas the main fault of the boot manager is that the
    boot partition usually the original OS partition. I say "usually" because
    I'm not sure if it's possible to set it up any differently. Either Partition
    Magic, or my favorite, BootIt NG (aka BING), would solve your problems.
    Create an independent boot partition, hide partitions, etc. Leave you able
    to create and destroy partitions however you desire without affecting the
    others. I'm sure there are other such apps, but I'm not really familiar with
    anything besides BING.

    That said, Vista does have an Extended partition. The fourth partition on a
    disk is automatically created as a logical drive inside an extended
    partition. From then on, you're creating logicals.

    I'm not sure I should do this, but if you are very, very, very confident of
    your skills, you might find a solution for hiding the boot partition here:
    "Hide Boot Drive from Windows Vista"

    If you try the above, you'll want to refresh your memory of diskpart
    commands. Then buy more insurance for your data.
    "A Description of the Diskpart Command-Line Utility"
    Ronin, Apr 5, 2009
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  3. tush_jainn

    tush_jainn Guest

    Thanks a lot for taking time replying my query.

    I am not very techie, not confident with command line...have not
    touched Linux for more than a year.

    I cannot reinstall there any simpler options?I think using BING
    means i need to reinstall OS?

    Would love to avoid purchasing any software if possible.
    tush_jainn, Apr 5, 2009
  4. tush_jainn

    Ronin Guest

    There is no need to do any installing or reinstalling of the OSes before or
    after installing BING. Use Vista's disk management to shrink the last
    partition on the disk to leave 16MB of free space. Then install BING. It
    will choose that free space to make its own partition. It really only needs
    8MB, but I like to play it safe. You can reclaim the space later.

    You use the download to create a bootable installation disk, either floppy
    or CD. When you boot to it, if you do not want to install it, click Cancel.
    That will allow you to use the partitioning tools, among other things. If
    that's all you needed, partitioning tools, then this is the procedure to
    use. If, however, you haven't already shrunk the last partition on the first
    HD to make room for BING, then this is, again, the procedure to use. Once
    done, remember to reboot.

    Otherwise, let BING install with its own default settings. Then do nothing
    until you've read the help files, and the online documentation, as well.
    When done, build yourself a set of boot scripts, one for each OS. Use the
    script (I forget exactly what they're called, but you'll see what I mean) to
    hide the partitions you don't want visible. I find it convenient to leave
    volumes visible in BING and use XP or Vista disk managers to "de-letter"
    volumes for convenience and simplicity, yet leaving it easier to re-letter
    them when I want to retrieve something.

    I'm not going to try to give you a detailed primer on setting everything up.
    My memory isn't that good. But the company and program have excellent
    support, especially the forums. At least they used to. I've been using it a
    long time, since its days of development, and I've had no real need to
    revisit except to update. The main issue to familiarize yourself with is how
    to edit the boot.ini file(s) in each OS, and how to do all this without
    locking yourself out. It's not difficult or even risky once you have the
    instructions, and it really isn't even difficult to get in and fix the files
    if something goes wrong. It's more the PITA effect that you want to avoid.
    Ronin, Apr 5, 2009
  5. tush_jainn

    tush_jainn Guest

    Hi Guys, any easier method?
    tush_jainn, Apr 12, 2009
  6. tush_jainn

    Ronin Guest

    Perhaps Google? I don't see anything there other than what I've already
    suggested: Third-party apps or the diskpart method already noted. One
    third-party app, Neogrub, a part of EasyBCD, is mentioned frequently, but a
    major drawback of Google is that the articles it pulls up are repeated by
    slimeball sites who simply repeat what others have written and either get
    people to actually pay for the stolen material that was originally offered
    for free, or slather advertizing all over the site. Such sites clog Google
    and skew its results significantly. In other words, I think that if you
    research further, you might actually find better stuff, but I don't know.
    While I'm at it, another caution to observe when reading newsgroup or other
    forum replies is that there are thousands of idiots out there who think they
    know what they are talking about but who don't know anything at all. They
    suggest things like running a Repair installation for almost any problem,
    and other things even more idiotic and more dangerous.

    After reading the instructions for Neogrub, I think you'd prefer using
    diskpart. But it makes interesting reading, as do several of the other
    articles pulled up by Google.
    Ronin, Apr 16, 2009
  7. tush_jainn

    tush_jainn Guest

    I tried useful thing comes up n search. Forums are almost
    blank for this query. I would use other search engine (not google, yahoo
    or live)...

    Yes, before trying anything i make sure that i understand the risk...i
    don't take anything for an answer...i don't know something doesn't means
    everyone what says is correct...:)

    Neogrub -> yes i had seen that post in google...not very convincing
    (may be at my low level of knowledge)..i will wait.
    tush_jainn, Apr 16, 2009
  8. tush_jainn

    Ronin Guest

    Oh, well. Good luck. I really think you should reconsider the third-party
    boot manager idea. If you really want to get into multi-booting, it's the
    only way to go. Again, good luck.
    Ronin, Apr 16, 2009
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