Windows XP Security Patch 823980 again and again???

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by JamesKB, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. JamesKB

    JamesKB Guest


    OS: WinXP Home

    Way back on 17 July I installed Windows XP Security Patch 823980.

    Then yesterday, 18 August I visited the Windows Update site and there it was
    again listed as a "Critical Update" I needed to install. I said ok.... and
    let Windows Update do its thing. It installed with out a problem. I
    checked "Instillation History" and sure enough it was listed as being

    Now today, 19 August, when I visit the Windows Update site it is listed
    **again** as a "Critical Update" I need to install. What is going on?? How
    many times does one have to install this patch???? (I've also "searched"
    and have no "msblast.exe" file on my 'puter, so I am fairly sure I am not

    Thanks for your time.....
    JamesKB, Aug 20, 2003
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  2. JamesKB

    Greg Guest

    I have XP Pro, and have followed that KB article to no
    avail. The fix always reappears as needing to be
    installed. To try and solve this problem, I have
    installed the fix via the Automatic Update notifier,
    through the Windows Update website, and even with the
    standalone .exe installer.

    I have tried deleting my ebd.log from the %SYSTEMROOT%
    \system32\catroot2 folder. I have tried all manner of
    removing the 823980 registry keys.

    Then each time I install the fix, it believes the install
    is successful. Yet then I open windows update, that fix
    is still listed as a critical update. Also, every day
    the Automatic Update icon flags that fix as needing to be

    GOING CRAZY here! =P
    Has anyone encountered this type of problem and solved it?

    Thanks a million. (For now I guess I'll just keep a
    daily ritual of installing 823980 before I go to bed. I
    guess it isn't any more annoying than flossing...)

    Greg, Aug 20, 2003
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  3. JamesKB

    P-Kay Guest

    I really can't answer your ??? why you had to install it
    again but I have downloaded it and started installing it.
    My electric went out because of a storm and now in my
    installation history it says it is in progress but I
    can't find it. When it first starting installing it had a
    box that was showing the progress.I don't know what to
    do!!! It doesn't come back up on my list of updates to do
    therefore I can't start it over. As far as DA WORM,I
    couldn't find "msblast.exe" either but I found out that I
    had it because my computer kept bringing up a box that
    said Windows was shutting down and had about NT Authority
    System and Remote Procedure Call (RPC).I couldn't stay on
    line any longer than 5 minutes and it would shut windows
    down.If you get that box with that info in it you have
    been got.
    P-Kay, Aug 20, 2003
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