Windows XP Service Pack install hangs at "Running processes after install"

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Ed Kolis, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Ed Kolis

    Ed Kolis Guest

    I've recently had to reinstall Windows XP on my machine
    (same machine) a few times, and I'm trying to install the
    latest updates, but it seems that when the installer
    reaches "Running processes after install", the progress
    bar just freezes. I can run other applications just fine
    in the meantime, and I can even click Help (but not
    Cancel), but the installation never completes. Anyone
    else have this problem and know how to get around it?
    Ed Kolis, Feb 3, 2004
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  2. Ed Kolis

    Ed Kolis Guest

    Never mind, running Windows Update in Safe Mode with
    Networking did the trick - must have been my pesky
    antivirus program :p
    Ed Kolis, Feb 3, 2004
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