Windows XP SP2 Fails to Install

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Byg Byrd, Aug 12, 2004.

  1. Byg Byrd

    Byg Byrd Guest

    I have downloaded the full 271+MB of Windows XP Pro SP2 and on trying to
    install get the following error messages:

    "Setup Error - ASN1 bad tag value met"; then after clicking "OK" I get:

    "Setup Error - installation did not complete."

    I also note that I get the same error messages when I try to install:
    - Security Update for Windows XP (KB840315)
    - Update for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.0 and
    WinHTTP5.1 (KB842773)
    - Security Update for Windows XP (KB841873)

    Any ideas on how to overcome this problem?
    Byg Byrd, Aug 12, 2004
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  2. BB,

    Apparently that will have something to do with encryption.
    Perhaps your certificates need updating?

    < >

    (Google web search for
    ASN1 "bad tag"

    BTW you should check in your windowsupdate.log for more error codes.
    It is quite possible that there was an earlier error in the log which derailed
    things and which could make this last reported error much less significant.

    Also compare your log with one posted by MikeyD last month

    < >
    Subject: BITS 2.0 Update Fails
    Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 23:08:01 -0700

    For a long shot see if there are any useful suggestions in these threads:

    < >

    (Google Groups search for
    regsvr32 encryption OR certificates author:MSFT group:microsoft.*.windowsupdate

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Aug 13, 2004
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  3. You seem to have jumped on my "long shot" but ignored my suggestions
    for getting better diagnostics?

    Robert Aldwinckle, Aug 14, 2004
  4. Byg Byrd

    Byg Byrd Guest


    I've looked back through the "Windows Update.log" and also the "iuhist.xml",
    especially around the time where the problem first arose about a month ago
    when trying to instal some updates (KB840315, KB842773 & KB842773) from the
    Windows Update web site. I was going to post extracts of those files but they
    are too big to include in full here!

    However, from the "Windows Update.log" I find for the above event:

    2004-07-14 19:19:00 12:19:00 Success IUENGINE Installing SOFTWARE
    item from publisher com_microsoft
    2004-07-14 19:19:00 12:19:00 Success IUENGINE Installer Command
    Type: EXE
    2004-07-14 19:19:04 12:19:04 Success IUENGINE Installing SOFTWARE
    item from publisher com_microsoft
    2004-07-14 19:19:04 12:19:04 Success IUENGINE Installer Command
    Type: EXE
    2004-07-14 19:19:09 12:19:09 Error IUENGINE See iuhist.xml for
    details: Install finished (Error 0x8009310B: ASN1 bad tag value met.)

    And from "iuhist.xml" typical error lines at an update failure are:

    - <itemStatus xmlns="" timestamp="2004-07-14T19:19:04">
    - <identity
    - <description hidden="0">
    - <descriptionText>
    <title>Update for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.0 and
    WinHTTP 5.1 (KB842773)</title>
    <eula href="/msdownload/update/v3/static/eula/en/eula.htm" />
    <details href="" />
    - <platform name="ver_platform_win32_nt">
    <version major="5" minor="1" build="2600" servicePackMajor="1"
    servicePackMinor="0" /> </platform>
    <downloadStatus value="COMPLETE" />
    <installStatus value="FAILED" needsReboot="0" errorCode="-2146881269" />

    I've been unable to find anything Googling on the uihist.xml reported error

    I've also found repeated instances of "Error 0x800C0008" in the "Windows
    Update.log" and I'm presently working through the suggestions posted at to try and find the cause of
    that error.

    I'm also working through the MS Knowledge Base article 822798 "You cannot
    install some updates or programs", but that's all taking a fair bit of time
    and I have to earn a crust to keep the missus happy, so I haven't finished my
    ongoing search for a solution.

    Any short cuts to a solutions wold save me a lot of time.
    Byg Byrd, Aug 16, 2004
  5. Byg Byrd

    Byg Byrd Guest

    20040819: An update on my investigations and tests to get Windows XP SP2 to

    I've worked through all Microsoft's suggestions their MS Knowledge Base
    article 822798 "You cannot install some updates or programs" -- No success,
    SP2 continues to report "Setup Error - ASN1 bad tag value met" and "Setup
    Error - installation did not complete."

    Similarly I've worked my way through all the posted at with nothing unusual happening
    until I reached Item "S" which required me to:
    "1. In Control Panel, click "Administrative Tools", and then double-click
    "Local Security Policy".
    2. In "Local Security Settings", expand "Local Policies", and then click
    "Security Options".
    3. Under "Policy" in the right pane, double-click "System cryptography: Use
    FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing", and then
    click "Disabled".The change takes effect after the local security policy is

    At last something unexpected, clicking on "Local Security Policy" produced
    the following error message in Microsoft Management Console (MMC):
    "Snap-in failed to initialize.
    Name: Group

    Running MMC I found there were no snap-ins installed, so I tried adding all
    the listed snap-ins which worked for most but the following gave "Snap-in
    failed to initialize" errors:
    Fax Service Management
    Group Policy
    Resultant Set of Policy

    I've now started a search for this missing snap-ins, but I'm doubtful that
    they'll solve the problem.

    I've also tried re-installing Windows XP SP1 and then SP2 but still the
    error persists - SP2 will still not instal!

    Maybe I should just give up and run without SP2.
    Byg Byrd, Aug 19, 2004
  6. Sorry I missed this. I meant to suggest you look in the log for the
    specific update you discovered to have failed. (Among other things...)

    < >

    Note: that search is sorted by date which may reveal the most current
    thinking about problems associated with this update but it may also force
    you to wade through FAQs. Re-sort by Relevance if that seems more
    helpful. I haven't really studied what it captures except enough to note
    that several very relevant ideas are highlighted by it.

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle, Aug 19, 2004
  7. Byg Byrd

    Byg Byrd Guest


    I worked through all the Google results from the URL you posted and
    following the suggestion at
    is the only one that produced a result, albeit not a solution to the problem,
    but yet another problem:(

    I ran into a problem with registering regsvr32 qmgr.dll - the error message
    is from RegSvr32 and reads: "qmgr.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer
    entry point was not found. This file cannot be registered."

    What does this mean and how to fix it?

    Registering qmgrprxy.dll was also recommended and it registered okay.

    Byg Byrd
    Byg Byrd, Aug 20, 2004
  8. It might mean that you have a bad module.
    Or since you aren't specifying where to find it it might mean that
    that there is another qmgr.dll which is being found before the one
    that you are interested in. (That could be a problem. I have sometimes
    wondered how Windows finds stuff which isn't in my environment Path,
    which it clearly does; so then what is the search order that it uses?)

    Just to be clear I would specify the path e.g. using the Browse... dialog
    or simply open a command window, navigate to %windir%\System32
    and issue the regsvr32 command there.

    It might be a good idea to check the properties of the file before
    re-registering it too. E.g. make sure that you have the proper version,
    size, and date modified (as shown either by DLL Help Database or
    by the manifests of any patches you have installed which include that

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle, Aug 20, 2004
  9. Byg Byrd

    Byg Byrd Guest

    Hi Robert,

    I've tried reponding a numbe rof times but each time on hitting Post the
    messgae system has bombed on me:(

    I finally gave up chasing the problem and went back to the beginning and
    reinstalled Windows XP, XP SP1 and the XP SP2 - all went okay. It also
    appears to have solve probelms with Office 2003 on its reinstallation.

    Thanks for all your assistance.
    Byg Byrd, Aug 31, 2004
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