Windws Mail CHK, LOG, and JRS Files?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by Steve Mavronis, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. I am running Windows Vista Ultimate for a month now on a new PC. Suddenly
    I've notice these files created to Windows Mail in my C:\Users\<profile
    name> folder:

    08/26/2007 06:16 PM 8,192 edb.chk
    08/26/2007 06:16 PM 5,242,880 edb.log
    08/25/2007 08:23 PM 5,242,880 edb00030.log
    08/26/2007 06:15 PM 5,242,880 edb00031.log
    08/22/2007 07:21 PM 5,242,880 edbres00001.jrs
    08/22/2007 07:21 PM 5,242,880 edbres00002.jrs

    Windows Mail is not set to do any logging (the logging checkboxes are not
    checked) so I'm not sure why these files appeared and are still being
    updated every time I use Windows Mail for my email account and newsgroups.
    I'm worried something is damaged. Are they safe to delete and how do I stop
    the logging of these 5mb files?

    I did have an send error on 8/22/2007 replying to an email when Windows Mail
    became corrupt I guess when I couldn't delete the email I replied from. I
    had to reset Windows Mail (following an MVP's instructions) to recover my
    email. Should completely delete my email account and newsgroup account and
    somehow get Windows Mail to be like I set it up for the first time from a
    clean slate? If so what is the best way to to this?
    Steve Mavronis, Aug 26, 2007
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  2. Anyone know about this behavior? I'm not getting any error messages using
    Windows Mail, but these files continue appearing/updating in my profile

    08/26/2007 08:48 PM 5,242,880 edb00032.log
    08/27/2007 05:33 PM 5,242,880 edb.log
    08/27/2007 05:37 PM 8,192 edb.chk
    08/27/2007 05:33 PM 2,113,536 tmp.edb
    08/22/2007 07:21 PM 5,242,880 edbres00002.jrs
    08/22/2007 07:21 PM 5,242,880 edbres00001.jrs

    I just noticed compared to yesterday that the files edb00030.log and
    edb00031.log disappeared and were replaced with edb00032.log?

    Steve Mavronis, Aug 27, 2007
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  3. I have those files, but not the same size. I imagine if they are deleted
    they will be recreated, but I'm not going to try. If I wanted to try I'd
    rename them first so that I could put them back if WinMail breaks.
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Aug 29, 2007
  4. Yeah I'm afraid to mess with them. They kind of change by date and filename
    numbering each day. I'm just curious what causes them in the first place.
    Windows Mail worked perfectly for the first month of use before I had an
    error with a message that wouldn't delete. Then I followed instructions to
    delete my mailstore and it did a mail recovery.

    By the way is it okay to delete the Recovered Messages folder after I moved
    everything out of it into other folders? Also, is there a way to do a clean
    reset of Windows Mail where you add your account the very first time, etc?
    My email is also in my Comcast webmail, so they would be re-downloaded

    Here is what the are at the moment:

    08/28/2007 08:27 PM 8,192 edb.chk
    08/28/2007 09:00 PM 5,242,880 edb.log
    08/28/2007 09:00 PM 5,242,880 edb00034.log
    08/22/2007 07:21 PM 5,242,880 edbres00001.jrs
    08/22/2007 07:21 PM 5,242,880 edbres00002.jrs

    Steve Mavronis, Aug 29, 2007

  5. Yes, I deleted the Recovered Messages folder without a problem.
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Aug 29, 2007
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