WinPE, WDF, WdfCoInstaller

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Drivers' started by Jim D., Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Jim D.

    Jim D. Guest

    Does WinPE contain a certificate store?

    We have a KMDF driver that needs to be included as a PnP driver in a custom
    WinPE image. The image fails to boot cleanly, and we believe the reason is
    because the WdfCoInstaller complains about the signatures on the
    file, which is self-extracted from the co-installer. What's going on here?


    WdfCoInstaller: [04/05/2007 16:57.01.890] ReadComponents: WdfSection for
    Driver Service Xxxxxx using KMDF lib version Major 0x1, minor 0x5

    WdfCoInstaller: [04/05/2007 16:57.01.953] Error: status(800B0001) Unknown
    trust provider.
    when verifying trust for X:\minint\Temp\WdfTemp\

    WdfCoInstaller: [04/05/2007 16:57.01.953] Digital Signatures on file
    X:\minint\Temp\WdfTemp\ are not trusted: Error status(800B0001)
    Unknown trust provider.
    Jim D., Apr 5, 2007
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  2. Could you send me your email address as I wanted to discuss this offline?

    Reply back to remove DONTSPAMME in the
    above mail address.

    Vishal Manan [MSFT], Apr 7, 2007
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  3. Jim D.

    Tim Roberts Guest

    Then please do not forget to post a summary of your exchange here. This is
    a reasonable enough question, and the community should learn from this
    exchange as well.
    Tim Roberts, Apr 8, 2007
  4. Jim D.

    Jim D. Guest

    A summary of our exchange:
    Microsoft does not support coinstallers in WinPE.
    Vishal kindly listed for me the steps required to get KMDF installed in my
    WinPE image. These are:

    1) adding wdf01000.sys to the WinPE image,
    2) adding wdfldr.sys to the WinPE image, and
    3) Adding a couple of registry keys in

    We have implemented these steps, and are now able to successfully boot WinPE
    with a KMDF PnP driver.

    Jim Doucette
    Egenera, Inc.
    Jim D., May 3, 2007
  5. Jim D.

    Jim D. Guest

    I have a critical follow on question. The next steps in our OEM development

    (1) to execute an unattended network install from the booted WinPE system, and
    (2) to create a customized bootable Windows CD that includes a KMDF boot

    In both cases, our storage (boot) driver uses KMDF. How does the
    WdfCoInstaller become involved in the text-mode setup phase of installation
    and boot? Is there some registry magic that must be added to the
    Config.<DriverKey> section of the txtsetup.oem?
    Jim D., May 3, 2007
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