WinXP PC's selecting the wrong server

Discussion in 'File Systems' started by Sparks, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Sparks

    Sparks Guest

    I have a setup across 4 sites, all connected via 256k leased lines.

    I have setup a DFS share on one server in each site.

    The windows 2000 PC's seem to select the correct (local to the site) server,
    however the XP workstations seem to select a random server, sometimes the
    local one, but more often, one on a different site.

    Any ideas what I have done wrong here!

    (Is there a comprehensive guide to setting up DFS on Windows 2000 servers

    Sparks, Sep 7, 2005
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  2. Hi Sparks!

    First things first, please verify that all sites are associated with the
    correct subnets in AD Sites and Services and that each server object in
    indeed in the correct site (they don't move by default).

    Are you sure only the XP systems are being silly? Verify the sites and
    we'll then look at specific points.

    Sure. ;-)
    Paul Williams [MVP], Sep 12, 2005
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