Wireless network list not showing my network.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by John Bailey, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. John Bailey

    John Bailey Guest

    I have new Gateway with Windows Vista Home Premium. It come with a Broadcom
    wireless card and the Broadcom wireless utility installed.

    When I open Broadcom's wireless utility I can see my network. I can also see
    neighbor's network. Yet the tab called "wireless networks" is missing.
    Therefore I can not use the utility to connect. The tab is show in the user
    guide for the utility, that's how I know it should be there.

    When I right click on the icon in the tray, I then click on "connect using
    wizard". I then get Window's network list. This list does not show my

    The checkbox for selecting the Broadcom utility to manage the network is on
    the tab that's missing.

    Uninstalling the Broadcom utility doesn't help. Drivers have been updated.
    Recovered the system. Nothing seems to working.

    How can I get the tab to show up in the utility or get windows to see the
    John Bailey, Oct 12, 2007
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