WLM migration from Win/XP/SP3 OE6

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by Gary Walker, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Gary Walker

    Gary Walker Guest

    As the subject says, I'm in the initial stage of planning/execution from OE6 to WLM, I guess. I'm trying to emulate OE as closely as possible, but I will not be here every hour with questions. I will be reading this group, finding tutorials, explanations, experiences, and instructions from where ever they can be found.

    But, I have a simple question:

    Just today, I've installed WLM as a subset of Windows Live Essentials v14.0..8117.416. I've initialized the WLM component of WLE, and I see it has either imported my OE CAB, or simply is using it. I'll understand that as I move on. But, am I on the right track to eventually replace my OE with this WLM for all of my "client" OE replacement needs?


    Gary Walker, Oct 14, 2013
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  2. Gary Walker

    ...winston Guest

    Installing WLM on an existing XPSp3-OE6 system will migrate the existing
    OE data store messages into WLM's Storage/Folders/Imported

    WLM does not use OE's message store thereafter. Upon import it will
    convert the messages from OE's dbx folders into individual *.eml files
    and create WLM's MessageStore database index.
    - the messages in WLM will be stored in local folders on your hard drive.

    WLM by design (and unlike OE) creates a separate folder structure for
    each email account (Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Deleted, Junk). If you need
    additional folders/subfolders within an email account [e.g. user
    created] you can create them by right clicking the account or folder or
    subfolder and select 'New Folder'.

    If you do not wish your original migrated OE messages to be retained (as
    an archive) in WLM's Storage folder subfolders then copy *not move* the
    messages to the appropriate folders in the respective email account.
    - Moving creates more overhead while reindexing the Message Store
    database index (i.e. reindex from the existing to the new location since
    it index has to create a new while deleting the old)...thus it better to
    copy allowing WLM to create a unique new index in the new location,
    create a new *.eml file in that location on the hard drive, then after
    all messages are copied if desired one can delete the original migrated
    messages in the Storage Folders.

    Note: It would always be a good idea to keep a backup copy of the entire
    OE Message Store folder structure (the entire root folder and subfolders
    containing OE'd *.dbx files and especially Folders.dbx)

    Import your contacts from XpSp3 address book (which OE uses)to ensure
    you retain groups and multiple addresses for a given contact
    - the address book is a *.wab file
    If you import your contacts using a CSV file then WLM will only import
    one email address per contact and no groups.

    Groups (Distribution lists)
    - This feature in WLM is called Categories.

    There are other features of WLM which you'll come across as you use it.
    Of most importance is that WLM provides the option for two separate
    contact databases but only one active at a time
    - Windows Live ID (MSFT Account)signon - stored locally and online
    - No Live ID (MSFT Account) signon - stored only locally
    **If you created a Live ID/MSFT when you first opened WLM ensure you
    understand which mode you are operating since it affects Contacts and
    ** Signing on with a Live ID (MSFT Account) does not impact the type or
    functionality of an email account in WLM (POP3, IMAP, or
    Http->Hotmail/MSN/Live/Outlook.com. An email account's Send/Receive is
    independent of signing on to Windows Live (MSFT) services for online and
    synchronization of Contacts and Calendar.

    If you need a technical overview of WLM's different Contact modes see my
    blog articles



    Other article of possible interest and specific to WLM 2009




    Note: WLM 2009 was last released in May 2010. No updates will ever be

    If you plan is to eventually upgrade your system from XP to Win7 or Win8
    (on the current or new pc) then WLM 2012 is a more stable product
    (thought the UI is quite different while the Mail, Contacts and Calendar
    features are quite common)

    Good luck.
    ...winston, Oct 14, 2013
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  3. Gary Walker

    Gary Walker Guest

    On Sunday, October 13, 2013 9:08:39 PM UTC-5, Gary Walker wrote:

    Thank you very much for the extensive tutorial.I'll take a while to research further, and digest the information you gelpfully provided. I will say, that I
    was hoping for a manual .DBX import, because that information is stored outside the OS drive. Plus, I was not ready to perform that cutover. I'll have to reverse that automatic import, and employ a manual technique, timed with my migration plan.

    Again, thanks for the great information. I'll try to use it wisely.

    Gary Walker, Oct 15, 2013
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