WM5 and AS4.1 issues - initial sync takes forever

Discussion in 'ActiveSync' started by Jason Miller, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Jason Miller

    Jason Miller Guest

    Thanks to Chris and Robert in this area for setting me straight on an issue
    with 0x85010014 issue. Without your pointers, I might have given up days
    ago in getting this device to work. Over the weekend, I had been trying to
    do the initial device sync to Outlook in an Offline state. I have today
    connected with Outlook in an Online state and have encountered a different

    Based on my praise of Activesync and the features found on my MPX 200
    Smartphone 2002 device, a business partner of mine has recently acquired a
    new Windows Mobile 5 device to use for himself. It has not proven to be as
    popular with him as mine has been for me...

    Windows Mobile 5, i-mate K-JAM device
    Activesync 4.1

    Office 2003 SP2, Outlook 2003
    Windows XP Pro, SP2, domain member workstation
    Windows Firewall is off for the Windows Mobile network connection
    Exchange 2000 server, SP unknown

    primary workstation is a laptop. device is sometimes online (office), and
    sometimes offline (roaming).
    redirected My Documents folder. I do not think that application data folder
    is redirected.
    when device is roaming, there is NO access to the Exchange Server - not
    directly, nor via VPN

    First sync occured online, in office.
    device hard reset (no data). Activesync partnerships deleted. Connected
    via USB.
    detection of the device successful (no errors on connection). Sync
    more than 4 HOURS later, not even all the calendar items had synchronized to
    the device.
    device indicates 'processing' the calendar items.
    2000+ contacts done, but maybe only half of 2800 calendar items. Activesync
    had not gotten to the mail yet.

    I lack the patience for this. I use a smartphone 2002 to connect to an
    exchange 2003 environment with Activesync 3.7 myself, and I have never ever
    noticed any delays such as this. I can do a hard reset on my phone and have
    all the info back on, apps installed, data sync'd, and personal settings
    restored within 60 minutes. 4 hours to sync on initial connection and to
    not have the data completely pulled over seems incredibly wrong.

    would this be considered normal for WM5 and AS 4.1?

    will Activesync 4.1 work in the future to sync the WM5 device to Outlook in
    an OFFLINE state? or does the Exchange Server need to be ONLINE in order
    for the Handheld Device to synchronize with the PC.

    Suggestions are welcomed,

    Jason Miller, Dec 20, 2005
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  2. Chris De Herrera, Dec 20, 2005
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