WM5 sync with SBS 2003 Exchange - Partial Success but multiple syn

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Signal, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. Signal

    Signal Guest

    Will keep this as short as possible:

    My customer has SBS 2003 SP1 with Exchange SP2. I have the identical set-up
    on 6 other sites without a problem. On his site all mobile devices appear to
    Sync in a very odd manner, always incomplete and only when the user's client
    PC (Outlook 2003) is connected to Exchange (which should not be necessary).

    1) Activesync on the mobile device connects to the server over the internet
    exactly four times on each synchronization request. At each connection a
    different number of emails, contacts, and appointments appear to be
    synchronizing (in the countdown) as it progresses. (Almost as if the user has
    more than one profile in Exchange?)
    2) On completion, only UNREAD emails in the inbox are synchronized. Once
    read, they remain in the inbox.
    3) All other folders in the users mailbox that have been selected for
    synchronization do NOT sychronize.
    4) Contacts do not synchronize at all.
    5) Appointments only synchronize from the device back to the server.

    I have taken my identical device which works a treat on my SBS 2003 server
    and used that to set up the customer's user profile through his server (the
    problem stayed the same) and then used his device to connect to my server
    (and his device worked fine). It is not a problem with the device.

    I then tried different user's on his domain and all user's have the same
    problem so it is not related to his client PC or his settings.

    The problem MUST lie with the settings on his Exchange Server and I have run
    out of ideas on where to look.

    Any takers???
    Signal, Mar 4, 2007
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