WMA 9.1 vs WMA 2 = bye bye WMA...

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Speech, Sep 4, 2004.

  1. Speech

    Speech Guest

    I thinking why Microsoft destroy sound quality in new (after) WMA V2
    codecs...Song listen at 64 Kb/s in WMA 2 sound good almost very good but if
    You encode song in Windows Media Player 10 at (coded WMA 9.1 64 Kb/s CBR)
    then you give sound poor quality muffled :\ crap.
    Now songs encode in in Windows Media Player 10 WMA 9.1 at 128 Kb/s CBR
    sounds like MP3 128 Kb/s so WMA 9 is not better than MP3 but give the same
    I dont use VBR option because even in new VBR 50 WMA 9.1 when i have songs
    about 110 Kb/s then sounds worse than MP3 at 128 Kb/s. SO I must encode songs
    at 128 Kb/s in WMA 9.1 so bye WMA - better choice MP3 because is more
    Windows Media Team must write new codec not cutting highest frequency - WMA
    9 Series gives the same sound quality like MP3... and Microsoft claims that
    WMA 9 gives the same quality at half size MP3... oh my good at half size
    gives quality like old radio - muffled :(
    Speech, Sep 4, 2004
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