wma->mp3 transcoding possible during sync to SD card?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by amcc, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. amcc

    amcc Guest

    Hi - I've recently bought a car with an audio system that takes SD cards
    (RNS-E headunit). I'd like to sync several playlists to SD cards for use in
    this system which only supports mp3 and m3u file formats. My library is
    largely ripped in wma format with no DRM.

    I'm using WMP11 on XP SP2 pro. I'd like to retain my music on my PC in wma
    format but during the sync process have it converted to mp3. I'm aware that
    I'll lose quality by transcoding, but don't want to re-rip my library and
    feel that the loss will be acceptable for use in the car.

    Under Sync|Device Name|Advanced Options|Quality option I see that WMP11 has
    the ability to transcode music for certain target devices, and I've set that
    flag, though I'm aware that WMP queries certain devices to detrmine what
    formats are acceptable. Is there a way to tell WMP that the acceptable
    formats for the target device the SD card will be used in are mp3 and m3u?

    My playlists will change over time, requiring periodic syncs. I know that I
    can use other products to transcode the music then copy it to the SD card,
    though I've not found something that can do this from a WMP playlist yet, and
    I'd rather not spend the cpu cycles converting files that are already on the
    card. I'm led to believe WinAmp Pro can do this (and I've had success with
    the Full version transcoding to aac) but I'd rather not have to periodically
    sync the playlists between WMP and WinAmp.

    I've looked in the FAQ's and done some web searches but haven't found a
    simple solution yet. There's some interesting info on msdn
    http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa391161.aspx, but I haven't yet
    found how WMP queries a device for supported formats or how I can spoof/set
    that for an SD card. Anyone done this before or have any ideas?

    amcc, Jul 11, 2007
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