WMA9 or WMAPro?

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by HiTekAlex, May 30, 2007.

  1. HiTekAlex

    HiTekAlex Guest

    So I am about to rip by CD collection to WMA format with WMP11. I am
    debating between WMA9-VBR or WMAPro codecs. When set to 'best quality',
    which would produce better results?

    As I understand it, WMAPro supports 5.1 audio, but it encodes at CBR.. Will
    I still get multi-channel audio when encoding standard CD source?

    WM9-VBR supports variable rate codec, which would presumably optimize
    quality while keeping down the file size.

    Which do you recommend for standard music CD's?
    HiTekAlex, May 30, 2007
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  2. HiTekAlex

    cuiluming Guest

    Hello, AS you know, there are a lot of Windows Media Codec, and every codec
    is suitful for a specific scenario.
    and I think the WMV PRO is better than WMV VBR depending on my experinece.
    What do you think?
    cuiluming, May 30, 2007
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  3. HiTekAlex,

    WMA Pro supports 5.1 audio, but only if the source is 5.1 audio. Also, in
    order to get this 5.1 support, you need to use Windows Media Encoder, not

    Windows Media Player will not give you 5.1 ripped content from a 2 channel
    audio CD.

    For typical music CDs I'd choose WMA VBR over WMA Pro *unless* you're using
    an electronic device that plays music but has limited space (think
    SmartPhones here) and supports the WMA Pro codec.

    The thing is that there is no 1 to 1 comparison between WMA Pro and WMA VBR.

    There is a 1 to 1 comparison between WMA Pro and WMA Standard, that being
    that WMA Pro codec will give you better audio at a lower bitrate when
    compared to WMA Standard.

    Example: WMA Standard 128kbps is roughly equivilent to WMA Pro 96kbps. Or
    so the qualitative geeks who created it claim.

    Ripping CDs to WMA Pro is new to WMP in this latest release, so we (the guys
    doing this support on the news groups) have no user data to point to to back
    up either way.
    Mike Poz [MSFT], May 30, 2007
  4. I ripped my old quad discs and some surround CDs to 5.1 using WMP11 - and
    playing them back via Xbox 360 got good surround sound (I used 256 bitrate).
    Now I have a media center PC connected direct to same amp - but even using
    SPDIF connection can only get stereo sound. However the SPIDF does output
    Dolby 5.1 when playing a DVD - anything to fiddle with in Media Player

    Titter.ye.not, Nov 5, 2007
  5. There are various possible speaker configurations mentioned on this
    page (including options like SPDIF passthrough) which might be a guide

    Try the section on "Configuring software for digital audio"

    Usually, if you go to the Speaker settings there would be a specific
    option to do digital coax instead of analog multichannel from the
    sound card.

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Nov 5, 2007
  6. Neil - many thanks. Just in case I have re-potted my Media Center into a new
    quiter case and switched off the on-board RealTek HD audio - and put a PCI
    Creative X-FI card in with optical out.

    DVDs play back in surround fine, just Media Player 11 shoves everything out
    in stereo (including a test 5 channel WAV file). Media Center is set up for
    5.1 and the TEST thing works dine (tinkles from all speakers). SO it is down
    to Media Player 11 not outputting 5.1......hmmmmm

    Titter.ye.not, Nov 7, 2007
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