WMDC Beta3 and Vista RTM and Office 2007

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Lee Buskey, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Lee Buskey

    Lee Buskey Guest

    I am consistently getting " Windows Mobile Device Centersync host has stopped
    responding" dialog boxes whenever I try to sync either a T-mobile SDA or a
    Dell Axim X51v. Outlook is convention POP only configuration, no Exchange.
    This as happend acorss two different install of Vista, though it did work
    once for a little bit. Before I-tunes scrammed the Raid disk and corrupted
    the 1st install of Vista (sigh) Anyone else had any issue with the WMDC
    crashing the sync host?
    Lee Buskey, Jan 6, 2007
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  2. You might wanna report this issue:
    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin], Jan 6, 2007
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  3. Lee Buskey

    Bill Walter Guest

    I have an HP6925 Mobile Messenger and an AXIM X50v that work very

    The HP6925 causes a device plugged in event when plugged into the USB. A new
    folder shows up in device manager called Mobile devices and a device HP USB
    Sync show up. WMDC shows the Smartphone in the lower left in light blue
    letters but the status is not connected. I can open the HP6925 and go to
    Settings | Connections | ActiveSync Mode and select RNDIS Sync Mode. The
    device manager goes through a new device recognition and The Mobile Devices
    folder goes away. If I change back to USB sync mode The mobile devices shows
    up again. The HP USB Sync shows up. A new folder Portable devices shows up
    and a new device PocketPC shows up. WMDC goes into a sync mode with the
    little wait icon circling a on the device syncs. If I unplug the device and
    plug it back in The Mobile devices folder goes away and then come back with
    the HP USB Sync device. The Portable Devices folder goes away and does not
    come back and WMDC again shows the status not connected. I have to go
    through the force RNDIS and the force USB Sync each time I want to sync.

    I have the HP6925 configured for direct push from my exchange server and
    that works perfectly to keep my mail, and calendar instantly up to date. As
    a matter of fact I get the email on my HP6925 several seconds before I get
    it on my desktop directly connected to the exchange server with a 100M
    Ethernet connection in a domain with only 7 users.

    The Dell AXIM X50v had a different but basically unusable history of
    experiences with VISTA 32 (build 6000) and WMDC.

    First it was a Windows Mobile 2003 SE device and worked very intermittently.
    It may be similar to the experience I am having with the HP but I could not
    find an application to switch between RNDIS and USB modes. I finally decided
    I would try to apply the ROM update to convert the AXIM from 2003 SE to WM5.
    I started the ROM upgrade and the ROM upgrade program gave me the warning I
    was going to loose all the data on my AXIM and it basically did a hard reset
    leaving my device empty. It then crashed. and would not continue. I
    contacted Microsoft and they said they had change the interface for doing
    ROM upgrades and I would have to contact Dell to get a different version of
    the 2003 SE to WM5 upgrade that supports VISTA. Dell support said I needed
    to contact Microsoft because it works with XP and they had not been given
    any tools for converting the installation to be compatible with VISTA and
    since the X50v has been replace with the X50v they had no plans to make any
    VISTA compatible changes for the X50v anyway. I was able to find an XP
    machine and redo the WM5 ROM upgrade, but it did not help the reliability of
    connections with VISTA.

    I have been able to get the X50v with the WM5 ROM upgrade connected to the
    VISTA machine a few times but it is very intermittent. Also the X50v does
    not have the application for switching between RNDIS and USB sync mode so I
    cannot use that trick. When I plug it in the USB port the system goes
    through a USB device recognition but I get no errors and no Mobile Device
    folder and no Portable Device folder and WMDC does not even list the AXIM as
    a device either online or of line. Every once in a while it will connect
    correctly and it shows in the Mobile devices, Portable Devices and connected
    to WMDC.

    I reported these issues several times on Connect during the beta and after
    the RTM was released. I never got any response other than having the issues
    closed with no explanation as to why.

    Bill Walter
    Bill Walter, Jan 7, 2007
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