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Discussion in 'General Windows Vista Discussion' started by Melissa, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Jan 20, 2013
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    WMDC early edition 6.1 - I think - problems


    Not too sure if you will be able to assist me in my quest for upgrades in my software and contacts from old telephones and sim cards - I now know I should not have stumbled into that territory.

    1 - I have an old HTC P5500 which runs really old Windows software - so much so that I had to use Windows Mobile Device Centre and ActiveSync - I upgraded from when I received the mobile for work purposes in 2009. Even then it was playing up and I lost data.

    I had to try and purchase another model the same and export the data across and that was very painful. Until I brought me an Iphone and that was not compatible and I just used my sim card.

    I was having issues with have old numbers with phones that do not connect to the internet and just stored to the phone - so what do I do next - save it to multiple sim cards - insert to one phone and sync the contacts and everything across.

    This was a tragic mistake - I have a back up on my outlook - 1164 contacts later for doubling up. But I do not know which contacts came from which phone etc.

    I also lost some data from my phone where my SMS/MMS you can put into different folders - this is the where I do not know where to find them or if I can export them back.
    I have been down to the local guys for phones and they say that I have no hope of getting them back.

    I then remembered that when I first had the mobile I had it on the old computer and may have sync it with that computer. It runs on Vista. I am looking at the control panel and have windows live sync and windows live upload tool. It also has MS Outlook - but I can not see any contacts.

    If I lost them - I just put it down to old technology being phased out and that I have to get with the times and not use cables and sync my phone any more. Problem is if I release the partnership with the MWDC then I loose everything it tells me.

    I also accidently on the old machine deleted the Muvee Autoproducer that I was using on it.

    Is there a way I can get that back - I went on the developer website and they no longer use it or you have to pay for a new version.

    Thank you

    I have lost all my data off my old mobile phone after hooking it up after doing an activesync and exported my contacts which are in outlook - actually made multiple copies from each sim card from one device.

    I have lost some data from the phone where I had messages in the SMS/MMS mailbox and had different folders.

    I synced everything.

    I also have another computer where I had the same issue - it operates on Windows Vista.

    I am wondering if there are any files I could export to gain that information back or have I lost that information for good.

    I have an old HTC P5500 which runs on the Windows Mobile Device Centre.

    What files do I look for?
    Melissa, Jan 22, 2013
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