WMP 10 disables other multimedia software on my computer and I'm P

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Xalorous, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. Xalorous

    Xalorous Guest

    Specifically, I can no longer hear the sound from Cyberlink PowerDVD (a much
    better program for playing DVD's than WMP.) And the sound from a trialware
    metronome program I tried is disabled as well.

    What is the solution for this? I think I installed without the option to
    uninstall. I understand Microsoft wants to own the lion's share of the
    market, but it is wrong to implement their upgrades so that it disables
    others. Didn't they have some sort of court battle with Real Media about
    this exact problem?

    If I have to reinstall OS and all to get rid of WMP 10, I will not use
    windows and I will never purchase or install another copy for any use, home
    or professional.
    Xalorous, Oct 16, 2004
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  2. Incorrect. Why not just reinstall PowerDVD? WMP uses Cyberlinks decoders,
    there is no reason it would disable it. I would suggest reinstall PowerDVD
    and if WMP "disabled" it, then you need to call Cyberlink and explain to
    them what's not working. I can tell you for a fact the problem is not WMP.

    Chris Lanier - http://www.msmvps.com/chrisl/

    NOTE: Replies are to help benefit others in helping
    you and reproducing issues, not necessarily for me
    to get back to you.
    Chris Lanier [MVP], Oct 16, 2004
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