wmp 11 already goes final but wma still have artifacts

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by abdul h, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. abdul h

    abdul h Guest

    i just install the final version of wmp 11.why the new wma 9.2 and 10 pro
    still have artifacts? yeah i know i could hear the improvement of new wma,but
    the new wma have artifacts.i rip my cd to 160 kbps wma,i still can hear
    artifacts just like i was heard when wmp 11 still in beta 1(which i was
    mention in a comment before in this newsgroup).i can can hear the artifacts
    clearly when turn srs wow effect to maximum.i'm really dissapointed.anyone
    also have same problem like me? help me ms staff.is it only my pc have this
    problem? can you help me fix it?
    abdul h, Nov 1, 2006
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  2. abdul h

    zachd [ms] Guest

    SRSWowSound and the EQ are meant to distort the sound helpfully. They can
    degrade audio quality too. If they're giving you problems... don't turn
    them off/max them out, since that's not a test of WMA but rather of
    zachd [ms], Nov 2, 2006
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  3. abdul h

    abdul h Guest

    ok,i understand now.i had make a listening test and the conclusion is (my
    opinion)new wma 9.2 and 10 pro in range 32 to 128 kbps is mainly created and
    targeted to play in any portable music player,that doesn't have srs wow
    effect.yeah i could see the improvement of new version of wma,but it produce
    artifacts if srs wow effect being turn on(which it is worse than previous
    version).i try to compare the 128 kbps one with mp3 with same bitrate,and i
    found that even mp3 have less artifact than new wma when srs wow is turn
    on,but if srs wow effect turned off,the new wma is undoubtly sound
    better(fornunately better than previous version).wma with 160 kbps and above
    doesn't have any serious artifacts and i think it's better than previous
    version.so i think i will stay with wmp 10 with 9.1 version of wma.

    i'd rollback to wmp 10 because wmp 11 can't play lossless wma correctly.my
    lossless wma sound very weird,like being play in slow speed setting if i the
    seek the song forward or backward.i check the play to find out if there's a
    problem,but i can see any problem.the speed is set to normal speed as it's
    the default speed.i think it's a bug.
    abdul h, Nov 3, 2006
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