WMP 11 Click a song, it plays the one below it...

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Sgtbaker666, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. Sgtbaker666

    Sgtbaker666 Guest

    My WMP 11.0.5721.5268 has started acting funny... if you are looking at just
    one album and click a song to play it plays the one under that... ie; if you
    wish to play the first song you must click the last song.
    In a large list (like browsing newly added music) if you click on a song it
    will play something from two or three albums down the list.

    Also, I notice that if I start dropping songs in the playlist it will play
    the first thing I drop (like normal), but then when you go to drop more songs
    in to add to the playlist it puts those songs above the song playing and not
    below like it normally would.
    WMP still has full functionality but the above issues are highly annoying...
    It might really be time for mac maybe... help!!!!!!!!!
    Sgtbaker666, Mar 27, 2010
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