WMP 11 on XP keeps undoing my changes!

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by catspar, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. catspar

    catspar Guest

    Hi. I have a large number of music files (MP3 & WMA) stored on a large
    external HD, which I wish to use on my XP PC. Unfortunately, the Media Player
    lists are frequently without album titles and/or album art, and the song
    titles are often in a format which I don't like (eg: Track "0" title "06 In
    My Life" instead of Track "6" title "In My Life". I have been laboriously
    changing these, and loading the art. Sometimes the "Find Album Info"
    finction is very useful for text entries (but doesn't seem to find art). It
    is a very slow process and I am only about 10% done. However, when I look
    back at albums I've already 'corrected' I have noticed several things have
    happened 'behind my back'.
    In many cases, most (or sometimes all, but usually 1 or 2 tracks remain
    changed) of the songs on an album revert to their previous format.
    In the "various artists" albums, I have painstakingly 'corrected' them by
    (a) putting the correct track number, title, and artists; (b) added album
    art; (c ) edited the "tag" of one track to make the album artist "Various
    artists", and then moving all the other tracks to the 'new' album ... BUT
    While my back is turned, WMP then divides the album up into as many separate
    artists as their are artists, and for each one, replaces "Various Artists" as
    the artist name!
    It's very disappointing, because I am spending a lot of time doing the
    same corrections twice, but I do like the WMP interface much better than any
    other media player I've seen.
    Automatic updates are disabled on the 'options'. (This solution was kindly
    suggested after a previous request ... but mine was already set to "no".)
    What should I DO?!?!

    MyRef - prommmpit.
    catspar, Dec 15, 2008
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  2. catspar

    jimnorah Guest

    I have had this same problem for some time now and it's been driving me mad!
    I've sat and watched the changes I'd just made come undone and revert back. I
    found that, generally, I'd have to make the change maybe as many as 6 times
    before they finally took effect. I can imagine the problem if you have many
    files to alter though. I recently had an occasion where I couldn't find album
    info via WMP so had to add the details manually. Although the track details
    stayed as changed, the album art constantly changed. I had 2 albums and the
    album art would be the same for both, even though I added the relevant
    artwork to each. If I changed one, the other would change too so that both
    always had the same art. One therefore always had the wrong artwork. I just
    now managed to correct that but again it was a tedious chore - I burned both
    albums on to a RW disc and ripped them to a new folder (typing in all the
    track details manually prior to ripping) and then replaced the original files
    with those. The change has worked with all details and artwork now correct.
    I'm sorry there seems to be no easy answer for you but simply a
    time-consuming task ahead.
    jimnorah, Dec 29, 2008
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