WMP 11 - online stores

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Paulo, May 17, 2006.

  1. Paulo

    Paulo Guest

    since that I installed WP11, do not appear listed any Online Stores

    Any ideia !!!
    Paulo, May 17, 2006
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  2. Vitalie Ciobanu, May 17, 2006
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  3. If your user locale is not English(US) you won't see anything.
    Mike Williams, May 17, 2006
  4. Paulo

    Maxa Guest

    Same problem. How do I change user locale to english? No Online stores -> no
    radio :(
    Maxa, May 17, 2006
  5. Control Panel > Regional Settings

    NB doing this will not only change how dates & other units are presented
    on your system, but may have other unforseen side effects.
    Mike Williams, May 17, 2006
  6. Paulo

    Maxa Guest

    No help in my case: Win XP finnish, after changing regional settings to
    en_us still no online stores. Back to WMP 10..
    Maxa, May 17, 2006
  7. What [geographical] region are you in ?

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], May 17, 2006
  8. Your use of "en_us" suggests you changed your browser accept language
    rather than your user locale.
    Mike Williams, May 18, 2006

  9. Mike - just to clarify : Is that the 'Standards and formats' dropdown
    you mean, or the Location dropdown ? The two seem independent in XP,
    that is you can set UK currency/date formats and USA location.

    Any clue which or if both are used by WMP ?

    I'm not too lazy to check, but WMP is re-acquiring my library off the
    network drive, it's usually an overnight task

    I moved it from \\Yvain\Disk1 to \\Yvain\Disk 2 after an upgrade,
    happy to say WMP was able to completely remove the library entries
    pointing to Disk 1 and is now scanning on Disk 2 instead.

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], May 18, 2006
  10. Yes there are many independent locale / language options:
    * user locale: governs date/currency/number formatting; programs like
    Office will use it to help with defaults for language-sensitive
    features, but you can override within the program; ( more advanced
    software like Vista ignores all your settings and assumes US and PST
    timezone )
    * user location: designed to help you get location based services (like
    weather, news, <cough> stores)
    * keyboard language
    * UI language ( requires additional software to implement)
    The user locale (currency/date format) is used to specify the store
    location just as in v10. It only appears to pay attention at app-load
    time, so you could probably run a little script to switch locales, load
    the app, and then switch it back each time you wanted to run WMP. I
    leave that as an exercise for the reader :).
    Mike Williams, May 18, 2006

  11. Hmm, I'm finding that switching back from US language / date / time
    settings to UK immediately removes the options listed for online
    stores (though it comes back when I revert to US), when I change to
    the Online Stores tab.

    That's rather a pain as it'll be hard to script it on the fly ;-p

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], May 19, 2006
  12. Fly faster Neil, faster!
    Mike Williams, May 19, 2006

  13. OK tried using manual settings - unfortunately Urge doesn't work -
    purchase links and login lead to a page complaining about Corrupted
    DRM settings, which I find unlikely since I have no DRM content on
    this machine which could cause corruption.

    I only wonder then if it's because the regional settings are manually
    set to UK ? If not, this player and untested Urge combo is going to be
    a PITA to support ;-p

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], May 20, 2006
  14. And the bad news is : After repairing my previously unbroken DRM, th
    Urge site is nationalised at the credit card stage, so I'm still SOL
    to try the track purchase setps - sheesh they really don't want this
    tested do they !

    Which all leads me back to my conclusion tha online stores and DRM are
    and remain the spawn of satan <g>

    By comparison, I went to Amazon UK, bought the entire, physical CD
    from a US reseller (it's an import) for £3.25 + P&P, about $7 ($6.20
    on Urge for the download). Greif. My "urge to buy" has now passed <g>

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], May 20, 2006
  15. Yes it's all a bit tedious. I'm technically a US resident, have US
    credit cards, but the billing addresses are not in the US and these
    services can't cope with that. Amazon 1. MSN Stores 0.
    Mike Williams, May 21, 2006
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