WMP 11 Play All doesn't play all

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by TimG, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. TimG

    TimG Guest

    Even though I have all the songs in my library open in one play list and I
    tell it to play all, WMP plays about 20 or so songs and then starts to repeat
    these few. It does so even though I didn't change a single thing or stop and
    restart WMP after I tell it to play all.

    I end up telling it next, next, next, etc until it gets to a song it didn't
    just recently play. I have to keep repeating this procedure every so often.

    How can I get WMP to play ALL the songs in my library?

    Also there are songs in my files that for some reason WMP doesn't pick up
    when I tell it to get all songs in my music files. Why is it skipping some
    songs and how do I get WMP to see these songs without me going through all
    the songs and files to see which ones were missed and manually adding them?
    TimG, Mar 4, 2007
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  2. TimG

    Dale Guest

    I wonder if this is related to your other post about playing songs you like
    more often than songs you don't like. Any songs that have been played
    through, and have not had manual ratings assigned, automatically get 4
    stars. I have never seen documentation on how the shuffle algorithm in WMP
    works but maybe it is playing those more because they have more stars.
    Can you play the songs that are missed by double-clicking them in Windows
    Where are the missing songs? On a local hard drive? A network drive? A
    removable drive such as a USB or Firewire drive?
    Dale, Mar 4, 2007
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  3. TimG

    TimG Guest

    This happens regardless of any rating or location in the WMP library. It
    just plays anywhere from a few songs to about two dozen and then starts to
    repeat this select group of songs. I have to force it to play other songs in
    the library. It just doesn't freely and randomly play the entire library or
    play list (which I have as the same as the entire library).

    WMP just now while I'm sitting here started repeating the same ten songs it
    just played. I had to click next several times to get WMP to play a different
    It is a local drive. I can play the missing songs on WMP well enough. I
    don't understand why it puts most of the songs but not all the songs from a
    folder in the the WMP library when they're all the same type of files in
    every way. It seems arbitary in how it adds songs from a folder. To give you
    an example of what I mean folder 1 has 10 songs in it but only 8 are in the
    library, folder 6 has 20 songs and only 14 are in the library, folder 40 has
    one song but it is not in the library, however, folders 2 through 5 and 7
    through 39 WMP automatically put all of these songs in the library when I
    asked WMP to get all songs.

    Because I want all the songs in my folders to be in my library and play list
    I have have to go through every folder and find which ones are in the WMP
    library and which ones are not.
    TimG, Mar 9, 2007
  4. TimG

    Dale Guest

    There are a few possible problems here. I think most may center around a
    corrupted library database. Of course, this should not be a problem for
    you, nor should all the time that you have spent troubleshooting or dealing
    with a corrupt library. According to the Windows Media Player product team,
    your database, and therefore your time and effort resolving your database
    issues, has no significant value.

    When you delete a track (and I am not saying that you did) using WMP, it
    doesn't actually get deleted from the library unless you delete the file
    from your hard disk, too. It only gets flagged as deleted in the library
    database. Then, when you tell WMP to scan a folder for new files, it skips
    files that have, for whatever reason or by whatever possible program, been
    flagged as deleted. That's possibility one. That, either intentional or
    unintentional, either by your actions or a bug/flaw in WMP or other
    application, those files have been marked in the database as deleted.

    Another possibility is that the files are corrupt themselves. The
    likelihood of this is low since you are able to play the files manually
    using WMP.

    In any case, I suggest rebuilding your database library. Follow the
    instructions at http://www.zachd.com/pss/pss.html#medialibrary.

    Dale, Mar 9, 2007
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