WMP 11, trying to view video that is in a control on a webpage

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by bagmoons, Aug 11, 2009.

  1. bagmoons

    bagmoons Guest

    Get a blank frame. Nothing there except for click info; error view/help says
    there's a reason, gives sound card issue, other possibles, and link to this

    Have no problem seeing the video on this webpage on WXP sp2 or W2K
    sp-whatever, either w/ IE7 even IE8. Blackness on VISTA the only condition.

    Incidently, this condition is unique to "webpage" nature (html tags ... etc
    .... "http://blahblahblah/index_files/video.avi") and does not happen on Vista
    local html document with the link to same .avi on a harddrive. It plays fine

    Hope this all makes sense.
    bagmoons, Aug 11, 2009
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  2. bagmoons

    Panzy Guest

    What is the error message, and what site does it link to?
    It's an embedded video on a webpage? Or it's an AVI download on that
    webpage? It plays on versions of WMP on XP or 2000, but not on WMP 11
    on Vista?
    Basically, using browser on vista the site with video is not liked, but you
    link to it, so it will open and play in WMP 11 on a vista machine?

    Try posting tomorrow when you are sober.
    The hint will be in the first two lines of your post - you got an error
    which probably included the all important error code, but you failed to note
    Panzy, Aug 11, 2009
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  3. bagmoons

    bagmoons Guest

    A control that plays an .avi video not a download. When the page opens, the
    video plays and keeps on playing ...

    That's not helpful.

    "Original Error Code 80004005
    Original Error Message error message not available"
    bagmoons, Aug 12, 2009
  4. bagmoons

    Panzy Guest

    You are talking gibberish. You have totally failed to clarify anything.
    You need to supply all relevent info.
    Is it a Vista+WMP 11 playback issue with a cache'd .avi download?
    What "Control" plays an .avi? Either WMP opens and an error displays.
    An avi playback from a site via WMP will involve download via the temp
    You said the clip plays in WMP on XP, please confirm, it is WMP that
    opens and on XP plays the clip but on Vista it is an error, is that correct?
    What "Control" are you talking about that plays the clip?
    I suspect it is not WMP, but a streaming clip in flash on a site that has
    an online/embedded media player that you are confusing with WMP.
    Such sites will actually detail the format the file was uploaded as, in this
    instance it was originally an .avi, but, as I said, I suspect it is now
    Post a link to the specific site.

    Here are the KB results for that error:
    Panzy, Aug 12, 2009
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