WMP 9 Playing DVD's inside WMP 9-Why Can't I adust video settings inside WMP 9

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by MARK RONNING, Sep 4, 2003.



    I have Power DVD, Wind DVD, Soft DVD......these work fine.

    When playing a DVD inside WMP 9 the image is darker, and not near as crisp
    and bright.

    When I try to use WMP 9 video settings the sliders all jump back to the
    middle setting.

    What am I doing wrong, love WMP 9, just frustrated with this one aspect.
    Are these programs conflicting with each other?

    Any ideas appreciated.

    Thanks Mark
    MARK RONNING, Sep 4, 2003
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    zachd [ms] Guest

    Nope - that's the correct behavior. DVD video rendering is handled
    differently and cannot be affect by those sliders. They will simply snap
    back for any format they don't support the tweaking of. :)

    zachd [ms], Sep 6, 2003
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