WMP 9 Stops Responding and Causes Windows XP to Stop Responding Also

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Brad G., Apr 5, 2004.

  1. Brad G.

    Brad G. Guest

    Recently when I tried to copy music to my hard drive from
    an audio CD that I purchased, I noticed that WMP
    completed 99% of the fourth song, but then stayed there
    for quite some time. Being impatient, I first tried
    cancelling the copy process, then to no avail, tried
    exiting WMP first by clicking the X, then by attempting
    to open Task Manager. When Task Manager did not open, I
    realized that Windows had stop responding, and so I shut
    down my computer manually.

    Upon the restart, I once again tried to copy the music to
    my hard drive, again starting with the first song, just
    to make sure the cd was copied completely. This time,
    Windows stopped responding as before during the first
    song's copy process.

    Now, whenever I attempt to even play audio files from a
    CD or files that have been on my computer for months that
    I once copied off of a CD, WMP decides to stop
    responding, and takes Windows along with it, forcing me
    to manually shut down the computer each time.

    I've tried giving the computer time (5-10 minutes) to
    start responding again, and also tried closing down any
    programs that are running in the background (namely AOL
    Instant Messenger), and this still does not solve the
    problem. Windows functions fine up until I get
    approximately 30 seconds to a minute into a song I try to
    play, then any play control, maximize, minimize or other
    computer functions decide to not work, yet the song
    continues to play until I manually shut down the
    computer. Note that WMP works fine until I play an audio
    file, and even works fine when playing videos. I know
    it's not the audio's fault, since I can play it fine off
    of CDs or the hard drive using Winamp, and Windows does
    not freeze.

    I'm using the latest updates to WMP ('You have the latest
    version of Windows Media Player 9 Series and all its
    components. No update is available at this time.'), but
    I am not sure if there is patch I should download or
    setting I should change.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Brad G., Apr 5, 2004
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