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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Dodo la Saumure, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Hi,

    I use my Samsung connected tv-set to watch the videos files on my
    computer (W7-64). This works through my home wifi.
    For that, Samsung gives me no other choice than use Windows Media
    WMP can't read .mkv files but I've plenty of them and get new ones
    every day or so ! This means that every time I want to read .mkv files
    I have to reencode each to a .avi file and this takes hours using a
    high percentage of my CPU ...

    Do you know a solution to "force" WMP to read any .mkv file in an
    acceptable way for Samsung Allshare to send it to my tv-set ?

    Do you think there is nothing to do because it depends on Samsung
    tv-set and not on WMP ?
    Dodo la Saumure, Jan 27, 2013
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  2. Dodo la Saumure

    VanguardLH Guest

    You don't have a codec installed that WMP can use to decode MKV files.
    Get the K-Lite codec pack to add the needed codec.


    Once you install the MKV codec, you can play in WMP. You could also use
    the Classic Media Player (optionally included with K-Lite) or VideoLAN's
    VLC (which uses its own set of codecs).
    VanguardLH, Jan 28, 2013
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  3. VanguardLH wrote :
    I have that codec and K-Lite already installed.
    WMP can read the .wmp files on my computer after having me advised the
    extension wasn't recognized by WMP but it can anyway read it.

    My problem is not to read these files on my computer on which I mostly
    use VLC, it's to read them on my Samsung TV that requires WMP and only
    WMP !
    Dodo la Saumure, Jan 28, 2013
  4. Dodo la Saumure

    VanguardLH Guest

    Then you're stuck having to perform the conversion from MKV to WMP so
    your Samsung Allshare software will work.

    "my Samsung connected tv-set"

    Connected how? The output from the video card doesn't involve any
    codec. Could be the Samsung's Allshare is some plug-in to WMP or it
    uses the Windows Media Player Sharing Service (which I don't have back
    on Windows XP -- you never mentioned your OS). So the problem is not
    with WMP or with WMP supporting the MKV codec but with Samsung's plug-in
    installed into WMP or use of the WMPNETWK service. If Allshare rejects
    anything but a very limited set of decoders, like only .avi, then you're
    screwed in having to convert everything non-AVI to AVI to get their
    plug-in to work.

    "WMP can't read MKV" is what I focused on. Yet now you say that WMP
    *can* play MKV files. The problem isn't with WMP. It's with Allshare.

    My gut guess is that if Allshare was using an WMP plug-in that it could
    send the output of whatever WMP can play to your TV. So I'm guessing it
    uses the service to network the streamed video to your TV. The Samsun
    Smart TV has a wifi and Ethernet connection so it's probably the
    WMPNETWK service that delivers the content to the TV. Well, it's not a
    problem of WMP using local codecs on your computer to play videos. It's
    a problem with their Allshare software in what codecs it will handle to
    stream the video over the network to your TV. Looks like it's rather
    crappy software with which you encountering problems; see:


    That mentions http://www.serviio.org/ as an alternative. I don't use of
    that crap. I figured the problem was with not having an MKV codec (you
    didn't mention that you already had one), not with the AllShare app or
    its WMP plug-in. You might find more focused help on that software at:


    Don't know which model you have. I just picked one from their web site.
    When I go to:


    there is a "Live Chat" link. So you could ask there on whether or not
    their Allshare program handles anything video formats other than .avi
    and, if so, which ones. Doesn't look like a WMP limitation. Looks like
    a limitation in their Allshare streaming network program.

    You sure Allshare doesn't support MKV? According to page 501 at:


    it says "Playback of various video formats (DivX, MP4, 3GPP, AVI, ASF,
    MKV, etc.)" Yeah, be nice if they actually provide a full list of
    supported file formats rather than "etc". However, they do like MKV as
    supported. Maybe you need to get a newer version.

    I also found:


    MKV, like AVI, is a container, so maybe the problem is with the encoding
    that was used within that container. What happens when you create your
    own MKV files using the encodings shown in that last article? Yes, you
    might end up stuck with reencoding the video inside the container but it
    would test if Allshare would accept an MKV if encoding were one of those
    supported. Having to reencode an MKV to another MKV probably will take
    as long as switch containers from MKV to AVI. The same encodings in AVI
    are those supported in MKV, so make sure you don't use an AVI container
    that has an encoding that Allshare won't decode.
    VanguardLH, Jan 28, 2013
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