WMP does not play CDA (CD audio files) from audio CDs on my PC.

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Sven Van de Velde, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. Ladies, Gents,

    For those who feel they can assist me with this mighty problem using Windows
    Media Player.

    For one of an other reason, the Windows Media Player (I have version 10),
    does not play CD Audio anymore. (It did in the past). Hoe could this have

    I've been trying to solve the problem myself by taking the following acions:
    - I reinstalled WMP10.
    - I rebooted.
    - I switched some audio CDs trying to play them. None of them with success.
    - Checked the CDA extension configuration: this is good configured. Proof:
    WMP starts automatically if I put an audio CD in the drive.
    - Reinstalled the codec package of Windows Media Player 9.
    - Check the microsoft sites: found error
    which I tried, but without any success.
    - Cannot play the audio cds with WPLAYER2.EXE neither (this is the version 7
    of WMP, which is installed on the HD by default in windows XP).

    The end result of this is that I still cannot play audio cds on my pc.
    The error code I get from media player is that he does not recognize the
    file content... (On my media player, the error code is given in dutch, so
    sorry for the bad translation...)

    I've been searching the internet and the microsoft sites, where microsoft
    says that they do not take any responsibility for third party software
    installed. Now, I have not been installing any exotic packages, so that might
    not be the cause of the problem at all...

    Side question: in windows XP, the MCICDA.DRV file is not anymore necessary,
    is it? (This is the windows 98 driver to allow to play cd audio files from
    audio cds.)

    So, those who know anything about these matters, let the responses come in
    Also remind, you'll not only helping me, I've found many people with similar
    Sven Van de Velde, Jan 2, 2005
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  2. I'll answer this one myself, since I found the SOLUTION myself.
    I needed to reinstall the MCI CD Audio CODEC that is default installed with
    Windows XP.
    Since nobody is reacting to my requests, I am not communicating how I did
    the reinstall, and why I needed to do the reinstall at all!
    Sven Van de Velde, Jan 3, 2005
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  3. I'll answer this one myself, since I found the SOLUTION myself.

    Well done, round of applause & all that.
    Don't know about that - how do you suppose it got ununstalled ? It's
    part of the base OS and afaik could be part of the protected file
    system (if it isn't, it should be ;-)
    Have you considered we were all in bed with hangovers ?

    Didn't think so. People 'have lives' you know. So one day later isn't
    exceptional especially given the time of year. Get yours at EBay.
    OK sure, throw your toys out, like we care :p

    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Jan 3, 2005
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