WMP Playlist Titles for streaming video entries

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Skip Sanders, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Skip Sanders

    Skip Sanders Guest

    Is it possible to edit a playlist so that streaming video entries use a
    desired title instead of a fixed one based on the source of the video?


    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:21145.asx?bkup=21327" />
    ;Enterprise ROV 2
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:22458.asx?bkup=23729" />
    ;Boa Deep Sea ROV 2
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:31499.asx?bkup=31500" />
    ;Boa Deep Sea ROV 1
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:35523.asx?bkup=35624" />
    ;Q4000 ROV 2
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:37235.asx?bkup=37270" />
    ;Q4000 ROV 1
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:44287.asx?bkup=44668" />
    ;Ocean Intervention III ROV 1
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:44838.asx?bkup=45135" />
    ;Ocean Intervention III ROV 2
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:45683.asx?bkup=45684" />
    ;Skandi ROV 2
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:45685.asx?bkup=49182" />
    ;Skandi ROV 1
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:46245.asx?bkup=46260" />
    ;Enterprise ROV 1 Dupe
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:46566.asx?bkup=54013" />
    ;Viking Poseidon ROV 1
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:47175.asx?bkup=21144" />
    ;Enterprise ROV 1
    src="http://mfile.akamai.com/97892/live/reflector:55030.asx?bkup=56646" />
    ;Viking Poseidon ROV 2

    These show in playlist/WMP as 'reflector:21145', etc., which is hardly

    Is there any way to get them to display as a desired name? (as shown in the
    comment after each entry).
    Skip Sanders, Jun 4, 2010
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