WMP - Ripping Classical Music CD's

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by PT, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. PT

    PT Guest

    I notice that when I use WMP11 to rip a classical music CD, the album shows
    up as a folder of track files nested into a folder corresponding to the
    performer. The genre is always classical. This classification seems to be
    more appropriate for popular music, where the performer is the primary piece
    of information. For me, the performer is of little or no interest. And
    having the genre of my entire CD collection listed as "classical" seems a
    waste. For me the taxonomy would be to distinguish the composer, then the
    type of music (opera, symphony, choral, chamber, etc..).

    So far, I've ripped several dozen of my CD's. But before I go further, I'd
    like to learn how others with primarily classical music collections have
    structured their
    rips. Can anyone refer me to a link or book covering this?

    I should mention that in the end, I'd like to use the ripped files with
    Windows Media Center
    PT, Jan 21, 2009
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  2. PT

    Vincent Guest

    I don’t mind file structure very much.
    I access my collection using tags.
    Using WMP11 to do the tagging is a nice starting point.
    The database it uses is AMG and it is one of the few internet databases
    supporting classical music in a acceptable way.
    I split albums into compositions so I have an overview of each individual
    I also add composer and performer to the album title to avoid compositions
    with the same name (String quartet nr.1) to be lumped together.
    More can be found here:
    Vincent, Jan 21, 2009
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