WMP10 won't play wma, recommeded codec doesn't help either?? C00D1

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Fried CPU, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Fried CPU

    Fried CPU Guest

    WMP with IE6 and WinXP SP2.
    I bought a track at MSN Music, downloaded to Windows Media Player.
    It failed to play because of missing codec. Followed links, link described
    error C00D10D1 and recommeded Media Codecs 9.1 so I downloaded and installed.
    Result: Absolutely no difference: file fails, need codec.
    Bought the track at MSN Music again, a second time - maybe the 1st one is
    Result: Absolutely no difference, now I have bought it twice.

    What is the cure for a Windows Media Player that will not accept its own
    Windows Media Codec 9 installation?

    I have completely removed WMP10, WMP 9 and reinstalled completely already.
    My Antivirus is off. Counterspy is off. Firewall is off.

    Fried CPU, Aug 9, 2005
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