WMP11 always hang

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by Dhow, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. No, it's sounds like just another spin of the same threadbare excuse.
    If you're now suggesting that the Vista Business version of WMP can't
    do MPEG4 because it lacks a MPEG-2 codec, are you also saying that
    since Home Premium or Ultimate does support MPEG-2 those versions by
    default also support MPEG4 natively?
    YOU are doing the spinning, I keep asking the same simple question you
    seem desperate to run away from. I have no desire to redesign WMP, I
    simply wish it would WORK which is clearly does not do for many common
    file types. You keep offering up lame excuses why it doesn't, none of
    which hold water from a end user's viewpoint. What you're actually
    trying to defend is an inferior player that can't play all kinds of
    file types without hacks, plug-ins or other help other players don't
    need. If that's the issue, simply say so and we can move on.
    What's interesting is how you bob and weave and never really answer
    any quesiton directly. I tell you WMP can't play such and such file
    type, you come back with the lame it wasn't designed to line of BS. I
    counter asking why it wasn't designed to play file types A, B, C and
    you come back with it's borning, not your job to know, you don't care.
    OK fine, who at Microsoft makes these boneheaded decisions that so
    pisses off their customers?
    You're in denial. I asked you some tough questions about WMP which
    you've hinted you've worked on at Microsoft, yet you don't have any
    answers. Ok, I'm talking to the wrong person then I guess. Who CAN I
    discuss this with at Micosoft that will do more than go in circles and
    provide lip service?
    We both know it doesn't. I've closely followed WMP's development over
    the years and each version while it adds "features" (some that have no
    business being in a media player) it seems dumber then the last and
    more prone to crash, hang and just be totally unreliable.
    Thanks for the laugh. Microsoft management is focused. Sure, right.
    Don't forget they gave us BOB, they gave us ME and lately they gave us
    UAC. Considering, no wonder that can't even fix something simple like
    a little Media Player.
    That is doesen't is a major sore point with millions of Microsoft
    customers, not just me. Where it is written that what file types are
    supported in WMP depends on which version of Windows you buy? What
    knucklehead made that stupid decision?
    True. Still we're back to square one again. If other players can do
    it, why can't Media Player? You have yet to address this central
    question. What does it say about Microsoft if it's flagship product,
    Windows. includes one of the worst media players in the world that at
    least a dozen free player can run circles around and easily play all
    kinds of file types natively that Media Player stumbled on.
    You're really quite amusing to read. You know other player play file
    types WMP can't, and without choking, yet you cling to the notion
    nothing is wrong with WMP and add "WMP deals "pretty well with this".
    That was funny!
    You're now pretending neither MPEG-2 or MPG4 are "core" file types?

    That sir is only a reflection of how poorly Vista and prior versions
    of Windows are written. Remember... Windows is the operating system.
    It is suppose to be in control, in charge, yet it can be so easily
    tricked, fooled and crashed and can't even understand a simple file
    type, yet you endlessly point to third party software as the root of
    all evils regarding playback of multimedia file types. I just don't
    buy it.
    Check your own prejudices buddy. You keep pretending Windows is
    sinless which is damn funny, but surely far from the truth. I just
    want a Microsoft Media Player that works with common file types.
    Hardly a big request.

    You do remind me of that old joke where some guy goes to his doctor
    and says Doc, if I raise my arm up like this it hurts. The doctor
    says, don't do that and it won't hurt. That seems to be the extent of
    your advice. You're very quick to tell people remove this, take off
    that, patch this, but actually fix Media Player's flaws? Totally out
    of the question.
    Will you at least ADMIT those features are broke in WMP?
    Another Mircosoft excuse when one of Windows' features doesn't work.
    You get these out of some thick book filled with talking points or do
    you just make them up as you go along?
    Sometimes. Other times not. Again, same answer. Other player get past
    the corruption. Why can't Media Player be as smart?
    More blame it on third parties. It never stops does it. Windows is
    perfect. I keep forgetting. Hint: The routine that handles thumbnail
    creation is purely Microsoft's code. If Windows can't properly manage
    memory pages, how it that the fault of some codec?
    Self-serving comments duly noted. Now will you answer the question?
    Are you suggesting Windows is unaware of what codecs are on the
    Now you're getting close to being a smartass. The so-called "warning"
    says WMP knows I asked to play a mp4 file. Please tell me the threat
    in doing so. The warning goes on to say it doesn't not know the file
    type...right after it just told me its a mp4. Typical Windows; dumb
    and dumber. It first says hey here's a mp4 file, then it says what's
    that? You guys wrote this crap, now explain that kind of moronic
    warning message. This is classic Microsoft gibberish. It says it is a
    mp4 file, then says the file extension is unknown... in spite of the
    fact the master file allocation table INCLUDES .mp4 and is associated
    with Media player. This is your circus, you're one of the ring
    masters, tell me how this kind of "intelligence" gets out the door.
    You're afraid to hear what people really think of Media Player.
    You made it obvious you don't care. Why are you here?
    Seems you're here more to defend Microsoft's broken software.
    I understand bad software when I see it. That describes Media Player
    and you offered nothing to prove otherwise.
    Adam Albright, May 2, 2007
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  2. Dhow

    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    Hey, this is really boring to me if you're not going to do research before
    attempting to contradict me. I've got better things to be doing, like
    helping people or spending time with my family. =)

    If you want to talk to me, stick to technical questions. Everything else is
    boring. Non-technical questions are off the table. It ends there. If you
    want to chat, we can do that outside the newsgroup in an informal setting.
    I'm over in Kirkland, Washington. Not really hard to find. =)

    You're attempting to redesign features to your whims. That's really not how
    they're defined. Arguably your car is broken because it won't fly like I
    want it to. It also isn't a deLorean. *shrug* Stop trying to shoe-horn
    things into your definition of Correct Implementation. You'll live a much
    happier life that way. =)
    Go look up file fuzzing. Most of the DShow rules on broken/corrupt files
    were set over ten years ago. None of this is new to anyone.
    o_O? Go run that problematic thumbnail process under a debugger.

    I'm not sure why you're attempting to provide me technical insight on
    something you haven't tried. I'm not certain if you're confused, misguided,
    or trolling.
    After being in the public sphere for the past ten years gathering feedback,
    I'm not really sure what your metric for making that statement possibly
    could be. But I'm at zachdms at hotmail dotty com if you want to try
    explaining how I'm failing in my efforts to reach out to users.

    Regardless I don't think that's particular relevant to my task of trying to
    get multimedia working better. If they want to hate it, that's fine, I just
    want it sitting there sadly working great while they hate away.
    I'm here to fix broken software. I don't really do a lot of defense of
    anything because it pretty clearly not relevant to anything I'm interested

    You have a pretty shallow understanding of this field. That's fine -
    99.9999999% of people do - but if you're going to try to contradict me, it's
    going to be really boring to me and purposeless for you if you don't first
    spend some time researching what you're talking about.

    At this point, I'm putting you on Ignore. Sorry - I kind of generally hate
    to do that, but there's just no value either of us are able to get from each
    either right now. I apologize for my failures in communicating with you.
    If you want to talk to me in a different sphere, that's fine - my Hotmail
    address is above.

    Like I said, if you want to talk in some informal setting, that's fine and
    hopefully more productive. Because hopefully there you realize I'm just not
    interested in even having anything to prove. I always operate in good
    faith - that's just who I am - and I respect that you're not really getting
    that, but it also means that this is completely the wrong communicative
    medium for the two of us to use. =)

    zachd [MSFT], May 2, 2007
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  3. Nobody is forcing you to reply. Clam down, take a deep breath, count
    to ten, whatever it takes for you to settle down. Sorry you can't hold
    up you end of the discussion. You're starting to show your true
    colors. I've asked you tough but honest questions. Not surprising you
    don't have any real answers and simply repeat the same MS BS.
    Wow, aren't you turning out to be quite the prima donna. You don't get
    to set the agenda. This is a public newsgroup. Either hold up your end
    of the discussion or tuck your tail between your legs and sulk off
    into the sunset. Can't take the pressure? What's really boring is
    reading you hide behind your Microsoft mask day after day and spouting
    the same threadbare excuses why Media Player doesen't function as most
    poeple expect it to.
    Same lie you repeat over and over. You simply don't have a answer why
    other players can run circles around Media Player. Instead of taking
    it as a wake up call that many customers aren't close to satisifed
    with Media Player's poor performance you resort to pouting and getting
    more and more angry. You find that in Micosoft talking points too?
    Stop pretending Media Player is anything but a pile of junk that has
    trouble playing all kinds of files it should be able to play easily.
    Same tatic. Make excues. That's the Microsoft way. Microsoft is
    infamous for breaking rules if it suits them or gives them a unfair
    business advantage. Remember browser wars? You remeber, where Micosoft
    said screw the specs, we'll just make extensions to HTML. Now that
    many FREE media players work far better than Media Player you whine oh
    they broke the rules, which I don't agree with.
    More excuses. I figured you out. Somebody has a problem, you tell
    them, it is due to some third party messing things up. That's like
    some drunk saying the tree jumped in front of his car and that's the
    reason he crashed. Microsoft should step up and take RESPONSIBILITY
    when it's software doesn't work correctly. They never do. They always
    try to pass the buck, not your fault. That's the Microsoft answer to
    every bug people report.
    I am certain you don't have any real answers to anything. I've read
    all the slop you posted. Aside from referring to you own poorly
    written web site or asking for a fault bucket what help have you
    actually given?
    Your doing a fine job right here showing how you really feel now that
    you lost your temper in public.
    It (Media Player, Movie Maker, DVD Maker don't work "great" which is
    the whole point you don't seem to get. Actually try READING all the
    posts people make here. You see anybody saying what a great bunch of
    software Microsoft delivered for multimedia? Well do you? No, you see
    complaint after complaint and you blindly defend what's broken. That
    helps nobody.
    To defend Microsoft. That is so obviously it is almost palpable.
    Us mere mortals not showing the proper respect to almighty Zach who
    helped design some of the Microsoft crap that gives so many customers
    grief. That your beef?
    Classic, the old I can't come up with good responses, I better put
    this guy in my kill file excuse. Fine, I see you waving the white flag
    of surrender clearly.
    You simply showed your true colors. No need to now apologize for it.
    You showed us you really don't care, you showed you'll defend to the
    death all the lame half-ass bullshit Microsoft dumps on it's
    Good Faith? Your ranting and raving, should be viewed as good faith?
    Damn, you're funny.
    Adam Albright, May 2, 2007
  4. I just read about the problems with WMP playing MP4. I'm not ver technical
    but would like to know how to play these type files a a friend has some video
    clips on BT Voult that I would like to see. As yo say WMP just tells me all
    that crap but not how to make it work. I am also poor and only have Vista
    basic. Can any one help with a basic solution. Tks
    Lawrence Gallagher
    Lawrence William Gallagher, Sep 11, 2007
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