WMP11 and Creative ZEN Vision:M 'Docked"

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by FordGT, Jan 14, 2007.

  1. FordGT

    FordGT Guest


    I recently purchased a Creative Zen Vision:M ( ZVM ) and I have a question
    about WMP11 and docking. I use the supplied USB cable to charge my ZVM, and
    this cable also serves as the sync cable to transfer information such as
    music, photos videos, etc. to the device. When I plug in the device, Windows
    XP recognizes it and displays the pop-up asking me what I want to do(open
    folder, do nothing, etc). Then, it displays "docked" on the player itself
    which means the ZVM is ready to be synced with WMP11. I sometimes just need
    to charge the player without the need to sync and have it be docked but WMP11
    will not allow me to do this. Its always docked! This makes the screen on the
    ZVM stay on for 4-5 hours which is not needed. I haven't found any way to
    disable WMP11 from automatically docking with the ZVM. I have also heard the
    Zune does the same thing. Creative's software doesn't have anything to do
    with this, but WMP11 does. I contacted Microsoft and they old me my PID
    number contained the letters OEM so they couldn't help me. The funny thing
    is, I didn't purchase my computer I built it so nothing came preinstalled.
    Any help is much appreciated as all us Zen users are seeking an answer. Thank
    you very much.
    FordGT, Jan 14, 2007
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  2. FordGT

    FordGT Guest

    It does. A few people who haven't upgraded to WMP11 but still have WMP10
    don't have this problem(they still have the Creative software installed).It
    must be a WMP11 issue. It's quite annoying not being able to charge without
    docking because the screen is being used on the ZVM, and possibly even the
    battery somewhat.
    FordGT, Jan 14, 2007
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  3. FordGT

    Dale Guest

    When you accepted the license agreement on your OEM copy of Windows, you
    agreed to hold the builder of your PC responsible for providing support.
    So, call your cell phone from your home phone and support away! This is a
    situation of your own making, not Microsoft's.

    The related problem to that is that, from unverified figures I have heard
    mentioned in newsgroups, upwards of 90% of non-business desktop operating
    systems are OEM and, therefore, not eligible for Microsoft technical support
    for any price. That means that, as I have stated before and your post
    verifies, any claims made in these newsgroups that you can call some magical
    phone number and report problems or bugs to WMP 11 are, for 90% of WMP
    users, untrue. And even for the other 10%, most bugs will never get
    reported to the product group.

    Dale, Jan 15, 2007
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