WMP11 GUI Bug? White spots on corners.

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by cegriffin66, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. cegriffin66

    cegriffin66 Guest

    On 3 PC's I've installed WMP11, I have white spots on the upper left and
    right corners and the bottom right corner of the player. I need to minimize
    and then mximize or go to compact mode to get rid of them. They come back
    again if I start the player in full mode. Anyone else seeing this? Did not do
    this in the betas.

    cegriffin66, Nov 2, 2006
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  2. Reported quite a few times already. It's there for the duration.
    Mike Williams, Nov 2, 2006
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  3. cegriffin66

    Shawn Keene Guest

    It's just another bug that everyone knows about but no one is responsible to
    fix. I swear if I did my job that way I'd lose it.
    Shawn Keene, Nov 3, 2006
  4. cegriffin66

    Jamie Guest

    Same thing here. I did not see the white corners on the beta versions.
    Please fix.
    Jamie, Nov 3, 2006

  5. They weren't there, they got added somehow in the RTM. It's a minor
    annoyance compared to some of the long-standing bugs, though it does
    detract from the look of the player if it's noticeable to you.

    Cheers - Neil
    Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media], Nov 3, 2006
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