WMP11 - Has Problems Adding All Music To Library

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by DaveUk83, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. DaveUk83

    DaveUk83 Guest

    As of just now WMP11 has problems adding certian MP3's on my PC it has done
    it 2 times with 3 different tracks. I tried to add 2 songs for my girlfriend
    to my WMP11's muisc library all my music is under different folder in the My
    Music folder.

    E.g DANCE, R'n'B & HIP etc 2 tracks where put in the VARIOUS folder and
    WMP11 auto adds them to my Library when I open it. The 2 tracks Nothing's
    Gonna Stop Us Now by StarShip and Affirmation by Savage Garden was not added.
    After trying to add the VARIOUS folder directly they still was not added to
    the Library only once changing the track titles for example changing
    Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now just to the letter N and closing and opening
    WMP11 they where added.

    The same for Affirmation just to the letter A then back again it was seen by
    WMP11 I changed the titles back to there full names and it's back to normal.
    I hope Microsoft you are reading this and are testing to see if it happens
    because it dam well does to me. I really like WMP11 very big upgrade from
    WMP10 but if I have to do this all the time above with certain tracks then I
    will go back to WMP10.
    DaveUk83, Nov 13, 2006
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  2. DaveUk83

    DaveUk83 Guest

    UPDATE: I have rolled back to WMP10 where I know it will add all my tracks
    today it was doing it again it would not add some more MP3's. I moved some
    files to a folder and named it to the album name and what was spare that
    didn't belong in a album just stayed under that GENRE folder. It would not
    add any of these non-album tracks unless I edited the names to A and back
    again. Luckly the system rolled back to WMP10 without no problems including
    removing all of WMP11 runtime componants etc.
    DaveUk83, Nov 13, 2006
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