WMP11-Mostly Change for Change's Sake & less usefull than WMP10

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by George F, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. George F

    George F Guest

    Why mess with features that work and have become familiarto everyone ???

    1) Changing "Add to now Playing List" to "Add to Windows Media Player List"
    (-Wow ! That's totally creative guys!!)

    2) Changing the GUI to What ??? Something Less Intuitive?? and Less Useful??

    3) URGE & Sign In?? Why do I have to have this "online crap" occupy two
    entire spaces on my media player's main menu line --That's 2 of 7 Menu Items
    !! Is it Funcionality or "simply Free Advertisement" ?? Come on Microsoft --
    Who's Brain Fart was that!?? Who s--d Who Off for that?? (and how many others
    at the same convention?) ??...

    4) Changing the "List Pane" Menu to something "less" useful than it was in
    WMP10..(But - Hey at least there's no mention of URGE in this menu!)

    Even though "Save File and URL History in the Player" is checked in the
    Options ...
    WMP11 defaults to the "Library" View upon opening...and if you select the
    "Now Playing" view, it initially appears empty !
    (the actual previous "content" can be "restored" by selecting "play", but
    WMP11 still loses the "playlist's title").

    Personally, I think that "Defaulting to the Library Page" upon entering WMP
    is dumb -it's less flexible than the previous version (WMP10)...It's an issue
    that must be resolved!
    I don't allow WMP to create/manage a Library anyhow ! So the "library
    feature" is useless overhead for my purposes -- I can work my media much
    faster/better from WinXP ...I simply maintain and back my media up onto two
    identical external 500GB Drives.
    (if I allowed WMP To "manage" my media library it would take a "very, very,
    considerable amount of time to even open WMP !!!).

    Just my 2 Cents --
    George F, Sep 4, 2006
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