WMP11 Stop it from changing my files

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by mscheaf, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. mscheaf

    mscheaf Guest

    How do I stop WMP11 from changing all my files? Every time I open it, it
    starts downlaoding pictures automatically and changing all my id3 info
    without my permission. I literally spent months getting the id3 tags right
    and wmp11 has ruined them all in about 10 minutes. In the options I have
    unchecked everything to stop this but it doesn't matter. As soon as wmp opens
    it just does what it wants.
    mscheaf, Jun 11, 2010
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  2. mscheaf

    Tim De Baets Guest

    Please specify "changing all id3 info". Which ID3 tags does it change?
    What program did you previously use to tag the files?

    In WMP's Options - Library, is "Retrieve additional information from the
    Internet" unchecked?

    Regarding the automatic creation of album art files, you can disable
    that with a registry tweak:

    Tim De Baets, Jun 11, 2010
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