WMP11b2: DVD behavior

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by mbg, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. mbg

    mbg Guest

    I've configured WMP11 not to play DVDs in the "File Types" options tab,
    but when I insert a DVD while WMP11 is running in the background, it
    pops up with a full-screen window to play the DVD.

    IMO, a couple of things would be preferable:

    - if it is not configured to associate with DVDs, it shouldn't autoplay
    a DVD when WMP is running in the background

    - an option to prevent WMP11 from going into full-screen mode for DVDs,
    regardless of its autoplay settings

    mbg, Sep 5, 2006
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  2. mbg

    zachd [ms] Guest

    WMP won't pop itself into full-screen mode. That may be a video card driver
    zachd [ms], Sep 9, 2006
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  3. mbg

    mbg Guest


    What about the autoplay of DVDs when WMP11 is running in the background?

    If WMP11 is not configured to autoplay DVDs, I don't think it should
    autoplay a DVD simply because it is running in the background and
    notices a DVD being inserted if it's not set as the handler for DVDs.

    The other annoyance is that WMP11 seems to bring itself to the front
    when a DVD is inserted and music is playing. It correctly doesn't stop
    the music and start playing the DVD, but it does bring the WMP11 window
    to the front... undesirable, IMO.

    mbg, Sep 9, 2006
  4. mbg

    zachd [ms] Guest

    Those aren't areas I'm familiar with. Sounds like we're getting an AutoPlay
    notification and handling that. You could turn off AutoPlay if this is
    really annoying. Being uninvolved with this area (if I was, we'd both
    suspect there would be a hidden Off button that I'd put in =) ), I can't
    comment intelligently.

    I'm off doing other exciting things now, sorry. =)

    zachd [ms], Sep 9, 2006
  5. mbg

    mbg Guest

    When WMP11 receives an AutoPlay notification, isn't it up to WMP11 what
    it does with it? When I put a DVD disc in and WMP11 is not running,
    nothing happens (which is the correct outcome). When I put a DVD disc in
    and WMP11 is running, it comes to the front regardless of what it is
    currently playing. If nothing is playing, it starts playing the DVD,
    which shouldn't happen.

    I'm surprised at your response... but I suppose it makes more sense of
    why there are so many small, silly mistakes in WMP11 (as there were in
    WMP10) that don't really need to be there. "Good enough" at its most

    mbg, Sep 10, 2006
  6. mbg

    zachd [ms] Guest

    *frown* I deliberately didn't respond to your questions in this specific
    area initially because I didn't know jack about them and I figured it would
    be insulting to you to offer the non-knowledge I have in this area. I know
    nothing about nor have I ever had anything at all to do with this field
    (WMP's handling of auto-insert notification without regards to AutoPlay).
    So I answered the question that I knew something about. You pressed for an
    answer, and while I thought about not responding, I figured you could
    respect a gentle "hey, you're asking for a podiatrist, I work over in
    pathology"-type answer.

    Respectfully, if you don't want to press against areas of my personal
    knowledge where I just don't know an answer, don't press for answers that
    I'm clearly not giving. I work my tail off and you using my friendly
    good-faith response as a chance to insult the work of other people is kind
    of mean-spirited. =)

    If you're feeling that there are many "small, silly mistakes", you really
    need to get that information to Microsoft. I suspect that if I went to
    product support and asked them how much feedback they've gotten about the
    auto-insert notification question you raise, they would likely respond that
    it simply hasn't been an area of user concern. So if you want to press for
    changes like this, make sure product support knows. I took a couple top
    user requests and put them in the player. This has not been a top user
    request, sorry.

    You live statistically in the top 5% of users, or something like that. The
    80% of a billion users who DO want (need?) the DVD to AutoPlay and
    foreground when the DVD is inserted generally understandably outweigh you,
    especially given that YOU can figure this out, and THEY would be extremely
    challenged here. This is really important. You and I are super-geniuses in
    the computer world compared to most people. You can handle this, they
    can't. So the question then becomes why there is no explicit off switch (vs
    adjusting AutoInsert Notification yourself), and that response is easy:
    because yet another button is yet another source of confusion for those

    zachd [ms], Sep 10, 2006
  7. mbg

    mbg Guest

    I apologize, then, because I misunderstood your role. I thought that you
    were here to relay bug reports to the developers. It seems like you've
    been doing a lot of that in this newsgroup in the past.

    My confusion comes from the fact that there *is* a way to stop WMP11
    from handling DVD discs (via the "File Types" options), but WMP is being
    selective about how it chooses to interpret that setting.

    It's frustrating, because WMP11 is so close to being an outstanding

    So, again, I apologize.

    mbg, Sep 10, 2006
  8. mbg

    zachd [MSFT] Guest

    Ah, no. I'm a developer myself. I generally try to cherry-pick important
    bugs and verify that they're being taken care of, and if time allows take a
    couple top user features each release and shepherd them into the player. As
    regards the latter, v11 has a way to turn off the deskband flyout and a way
    to have always on top just in skin mode. I'd have done more of that small
    stuff if I had time, but I've been putting in doctor's hours for most of the
    past year(s?).

    Generally my establishing myself in any fashion as a conduit for bug reports
    is really horribly bad, since it's something I wouldn't be able to maintain.
    It's very much not my job: it's just something I do in the spare seconds I
    have here and there, and those efforts take away from a) doing my own work
    or b) having a personal life. =)
    Right, that dialog is code I wrote, so I'm very aware of how that all works.
    That's just file association code that doesn't touch AutoPlay / AutoInsert
    code at all. I think you're curious about AutoInsert handling, which isn't
    related to that dialog and could not be touched by WMP's File Types dialog.
    I definitely understand and respect passion. It'd be a boring world without
    it. =)

    zachd [MSFT], Sep 11, 2006
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