WMP12 does not recognize "year" tag before 1900

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by dsweida, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. dsweida

    dsweida Guest

    I have a large classical music collection of mp3s and recently set out to
    change the "year" tags from the year the CDs were produced to the year each
    piece premiered. In the process, I discovered that WMP has difficulty with
    values before 1900. If I change the value in WMP, it appears to accept the
    number but does not update the actual ID3 tag of the file (and yes, I have
    the library options properly set). Eventually (usually the next time WMP
    starts), the value will disappear entirely and the column will simply be left
    blank. If I had also manually altered the year in the ID3 tag, that will be
    erased as well. Making the files read only after editing the ID3 tag
    preserves the new value, but WMP still erases the year in the library view.
    I assume this a flaw in the program and there is no "solution" at this point,
    but I would like to make sure that this problem gets properly reported so it
    can be addressed in future updates/versions. If anyone has any ideas, I'd be
    glad to hear them.
    dsweida, Jun 3, 2010
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  2. dsweida

    Tim De Baets Guest

    You are right, I have been able to reproduce the issue, both in WMP 12
    and in WMP 11 on XP. The file type doesn't seem to matter, it occurs for
    MP3 as well as for WMA files.

    I suggest that you report this on the Windows 7 Media forum too:
    There are some people from inside Microsoft there, who might forward
    this to the WMP team.

    Tim De Baets, Jun 4, 2010
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