[WMP12] Suggestion for Mike Poz: song focus jump in song/library view.

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by John IV, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. John IV

    John IV Guest

    Saw the thread a bit ago about soliciting features for WMP12. I have a
    suggestion. :)

    I like to live in the Songs or Artist Library view and also play all my
    songs on shuffle. It would be nice if we could toggle the ability for the
    focus to 'jump' to the new now playing song while in the library. I
    understand the current behaviour prohibits that because it may be
    undesirable to have the view shift underneath you when a song changes; but
    the option to toggle that on for extended listening sessions w/out user
    input would be nice. Hopefully you get the gist. :) Thanks -
    John IV, Jun 12, 2007
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  2. Actually I wasn't soliciting, they were offering and I responded.

    While we won't jump around in the library, that functionality is supposed to
    occur in the now playing playlist. We recognize that the jump is not working
    on shuffle, a late change caused that regression and when it was discovered,
    it was deemed not critical enough to fix that late in the game because of
    what making the change could have made worse.

    In software development it's a domino effect and unfortunately when time is
    short, you have to weigh "not quite what we wanted functionality" against
    "changing something and causing other things to break".

    It is one of the things that will be repaired in the next version though,
    thank you for bringing this up.
    Mike Poz [MSFT], Jun 12, 2007
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