WMP9 and WMP10 - can't get either to work since installing XPSP2

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Denche, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. Denche

    Denche Guest

    Hello ; Need some help here ; Installed the XPSP2 the other day, and appeared
    to be seemless ; Now however when i try to play music, Media Player 9 tells
    me its not installed correctly, do I wish to re-install from the website; I
    do, so I downloaded / re-ran WMP9 setup from MS.com and it tells me setup
    cannot complete. I uninstalled the current player, and tried again ; Same
    problem ; I decided, ok I'll try WMP10 ; Same problem. xp version is 5.1
    (Build 2600.xpsp_2_rtm.040803-2158: Service pack 2) ; Has always just been a
    typical installation of XP Pro, no issues, nothing fancy, nothing new
    installed recently except for the XPSP2 ; Any suggestions as to how I can get
    WMP9 or 10 installed and functioning please?
    Denche, Dec 11, 2004
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  2. Denche

    pigtails65 Guest

    same thing happened to me!
    I just posted earlier because my WMP 9 disappeared. probably it was after
    installing SP 2 Now that i think of it....
    Total nuisance!
    Please let me know if you get any help with the issue!
    My error message tells me that WMP 9 is incompatible with my Windows. Xp
    It used to work fine. I have downloaded WMP 9 figuring doing what you did.
    Nuisance, same message!
    pigtails65, Dec 12, 2004
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  3. Denche

    ShinAkumaET Guest

    yes the same thing has alos happened to me . I have no WMplayer.exe anymore.
    what do i do ?
    ShinAkumaET, Feb 5, 2005
  4. Denche

    ShinAkumaET Guest

    same thing has happened to me . I don't have a wmplayer.exe anymore. when i
    try to install either 9 or 10 wmp it jsut says incompatible. what do i do ?
    ShinAkumaET, Feb 5, 2005
  5. Denche

    pigtails65 Guest

    sigh.... i had to reload windows xp pro from my vendor. He told me TO IGNORE
    windows automatic updates.
    When you have reloaded the system to factory installation. Disable Windows
    automatic updates so that you have TOTAL control of your system.
    It might be less expensive to just buy windows XP to relaod your pc then
    having to buy spyware..and al the rest of the stuff on the market.
    THEN when you have done so with the new re-installation.
    Avoid and IGNORE downloading unecessary stuff like cutsey cursors...and
    other stuff that can hijack your system for nothing.
    Also ONLY download stuff that has to do with windows XP sevice pack 1 and
    ignore anything that has to do with Service pack 2.
    Reason: the newer pcs with more than 1 ghz processor are intended for
    service pack 2.
    pigtails65, Feb 6, 2005
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