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Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Bio, Dec 15, 2003.

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    Bio Guest

    I just recently re-installed windows and when I first
    opened an OGM file WMP9 asked me "Do you want the Player
    to try to play the file?" I checked the "Don't ask me
    again for this extension." and said Yes. I didn't have
    the right filter installed and the player failed to open
    it. I installed the right filter and then reopened the
    OGM file, it asked the question again and I checkmarked
    the box and said yes. The OGM plays fine but whenever I
    open an OGM it always prompts me for the question "Do you
    want the Player to try to play the file?" eventhough I
    keep checking "Don't Ask me again for this extension.";
    which gets really annoying exspcially when I try to watch
    5 or so OGM's in a row. (Note: I'm pretty sure the error
    keeps coming up becasue the first time it tried to play
    and failed... my friend uses the WinXP (and WMP9) and it
    works fine for him). Furthermore I installed MKV support
    (which is basically identical to OGM), and the WMP9 asked
    me if I wanted to try to play the file, and said yes and
    checkmarked the box and it never ask's me again whenever I
    open .mkv files in WMP9.

    I searched around the Registry "HKEY_CURRENT_USER >
    Software > Microsoft > MediaPlayer" (Preferences and
    Exstenstions and such) but I can't fine anywhere to turn
    that off; Maybe I have to add a registry setting? (I don't
    mind turning that off permently so it never ask's for any
    files in the future)... Maybe I'm in the Wrong Place? If
    anyone knows how I could fix this it would be greatly
    appreasated, thanks.


    NOTE: I try to set it so OGM's open in a different player
    (Windows Media Player Classic), and eventhough the Icons
    for the file changes, the file still opens in WMP9 (but
    doesn't play).

    PS. the Full error is below:
    The selected file has an extension that is not recognized
    by Windows Media Player, but the Player may still be able
    to play it. Becasue the extension is unknown by the
    Player, you should be sure that the file comes from a
    trustworthy source.

    Do you want the Player to try to play the file?
    (check mark box) Don't ask me again for this extension.

    YES NO
    Bio, Dec 15, 2003
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