WMplayer 9

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Andreas, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. Andreas

    Andreas Guest

    Hey guys,
    I've downloaded wmplayer 9 and since then i have only
    problems.I would like to install my previous
    version,wmplayer 8.Is it possible.If yes,where can i
    download it from....

    Andreas N.
    Andreas, Jul 3, 2003
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  2. Andreas

    zachd [ms] Guest

    Not possible - WMP8 was never made available as a stand-alone install since
    it's part-and-parcel of Windows XP.

    Beyond that, no previous installer can install over the top of WMP9 and
    overwrite it since older file versions will not overwrite newer file

    is how you'd roll back.

    zachd [ms], Jul 4, 2003
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