Work Offline mode needs to be conveyed more visually.

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Marauderz, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Marauderz

    Marauderz Guest

    I had to turn my PC on in an area which I didn't have wireless access today,
    and IE7 got kicked into offline mode cause a page was auto reloading.

    That was fine, I could just toggle off work offline by going to File->Work
    Offline but... the menubar isn't omnimously present anymore. I know that the
    Work Offline checkbox is in the File menu and thus I press Alt-F
    unconsicously to bring it up, someone who isn't as literate wouldn't know
    where to go to turn Work Offline off.

    I guess my suggestion is either to make it very visible that you're working
    offline maybe through another information bar message, or allow the user to
    click on the Work Offline icon in the status bar to toggle the work offline

    Ooops.. just realised that the Work Offline option is under the tools menu
    via the >> menu flyout button. Still I don't think that's a good place for
    something that important since when IE is in offline mode anything that runs
    through the WINET is offline right? so.. MSN.. Yahoo messenger.. etc. etc. So
    best try and make it obvious the machine is in offline mode.

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    Marauderz, Mar 21, 2006
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