WoW and the network crash/reboot

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by carpat, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. carpat

    carpat Guest

    I am truly not sure what to classify this under so I am putting it under
    games as it only seems to happen while playing World of Warcraft. (I WIll
    also leave something under their Vista Beta frorum.)

    I am currently using Vista releasee 5744 on an AMD 3000+; Asus A7N8X
    (Nvidia2) MB (with onboard E-Net port); 2gigs RAM; Gforce 6600; SB Audigy 2ZS
    PC with all the latest Beta drivers.

    For the most part the PC works great. I turned off Glass cause I was having
    some memory issues with DVD burning and otehr stuff and wanted to eliminate
    the display as the cause..

    WHAT IS THE ISSUE: So the problem I am having is that when I play WoW and
    upon completing a quest (can take up to 5 seconds to actually occur, but the
    common factor is clicking quest complete and hearing the reward sound) one of
    two things happens:

    The first is that my internet connection goes down. For all intent and
    purposes my network is fully functional which I can test by going to any of
    the 6 other PCs connected and surf the web. On the game PC I canot browse
    the web or the internal network. I cannot Release/Renew and IP or even pink
    the loop back. Its just dead.

    The second thing that can happen is that the monitor goes black, the PC
    makes a weird humming sound and then reboots itself.

    The only consistant thing is that it ALWAYS occurs just after I have
    completed quest. Now it is not every quest cause I can go for hours
    sometimes and not have a problem, then once it happens it won't stop. The
    only think I can think of is that it is when the server is full (which I can
    tell cause of the queue that happens when I have to log in each time), but
    that is not even that consistent because after a whil with the issue the
    queue goes away buthe problem doesn't.

    Not sure if anyone else has had a similar problem, but I wanted to get this
    out there in case someone might have a similar situation.
    carpat, Nov 8, 2006
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  2. carpat

    carpat Guest

    carpat, Nov 8, 2006
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  3. carpat

    Mike C. Guest

    I actually had filed this as a bug during beta testing of Vista.

    It was a result of Nvidia's driver. I have yet to experience this issue in
    Vista x64 build 6000 (RTM).
    Mike C., Nov 24, 2006
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