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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Games' started by item11173, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. item11173

    item11173 Guest

    Good new
    WOWMIMIC BOT on selling now

    welcome to itemshops. itemshops is a company that mainly supply
    various game bot and gold
    recently our wow bot was launch to the market !
    for the first 80 customer ,we can supply you free test account to tes
    the bot .so why wait,just contact us asap
    we offer twenty fours hours online service ,you can contact us anytim
    we are looking forward your reply yours best whishes
    Contact information
    MSN: euro_usagame********.co
    ICQ: 288-878-39
    Website: 'ITEMSHOPS.COM' (
    item11173, Nov 26, 2007
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  2. item11173

    fatman83 Guest

    keyloger site !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! include backdoor trojan
    when you click this link

    the real wowmimic bot site is 'BOTSMALL ---- A Professional Global
    Sub-MMO Bot Service Portal' ( go check it out
    fatman83, Nov 27, 2007
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  3. item11173

    Brandon Guest

    Yeah ok!! they are the reason everyone is raising the prices.. they are the
    biggest screw-ups anyone could know.
    Brandon, Jan 23, 2008
  4. WOWMIMIC is junk here is a much better alternative

    Looking for the best botting sites out there for MMORPGs well
    taultunleashed and mmoviper will be it. While some sites might only
    give you one game you can find a wealth of botting information for
    multiple games. Taultunleashed has 2 main software programs exhume
    and xunleashed. These 2 have never been truly caught by any gaming
    company and gives characters the ability to bot undetected forever.
    MMOViper caters specifically to certain games allowing players to
    easily have the best hunting and crafting bots out there.
    With these 2 programs players have maxed out there accounts in less
    than a month and gathered more in game currency than they can ever
    Best of all they only cost at a max 5 dollars a month versus other
    sites that cost more than 20 dollars just to use it. Why would you
    want to spend all that money?

    TaultUnleashed and MMOViper are easily your best bet and better yet now
    you dont even have to spend money asking help on items. They also have
    some of the best tech support around because with over 750,000 members
    you are supre to get help in the game with whatever you need.

    TaultUnleashed and MMOviper can do one of 2 ways for botting in game.
    One way is they will do injections which make the bots run much better
    or the other way is via simulated key strokes which looks just as if
    you are playing.

    Some key features are:

    1) It will look just like a player is at the computer

    2) Near 0 memory problems and a detailed setup.

    3) Supporting most all games out there and if its not support it will
    be sure to be in the near future.

    4) Sleep while the game plays with alerts to staff asking you

    5) The ability to think ahead and get around in game problems you are

    6) Crafting and harvesting tools included

    7)Support skinning, herbs, mining, open chest. Return to the city

    8) Automatic updates so you can always have the best program allt he

    Contact information:

    Create a quick account on taultunleashed or mmoviper and we can give
    you all the information you can ever dream of..

    Websites: 'TaultUnleashed The MMORPG Cheats Guides Bots and Hacks Site
    With Over 500,000 Members!' ( 'MMOViper'
    ( 'Tault - Featuring Burning Crusade Cheats
    Guides Exploits WOW Cheats WOW Guides Exploits Hacks - Over 500,000
    Members!' (
    See You Soon.
    taultunleashed, Feb 27, 2008
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