WPAD and the Local Intranet Zone

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Martin Boehm, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Martin Boehm

    Martin Boehm Guest

    Hi everyone,

    after searching the internet back and forth, I could not come up with a
    solution for this problem:

    We want to use the WPAD mechanism for proxy configuration, preferably
    without having to configure any other IE settings in this regard, so that it
    "works right away". So far, so good, the wpad.dat file found by the browser
    and it works.

    But - IE (neither 6 nor 7) does not _initially_ recognize that
    "http://intranet.company.com/" (the configured home page) is meant to be in
    the "Intranet Zone", so it asks for NTLM credentials. As soon as I supply
    them, the page loads and status bar icon silently switches from "Internet" to
    "Local Intranet", as if nothing ever happened. As soon as this first hiccup
    is over, I do not get asked for credentials again, until I restart the

    The FindProxyForURL function returns "DIRECT" for hosts in the
    ".company.com" domain, am I mistaken in the belief that this is equal to
    putting ".company.com" into the proxy exclusion list? Why does it initially
    assume "Internet"? Is there a "security feature" I am unaware of?

    The test configuration is as close to the default as it can be - only the
    home page is set.

    Help is very much appreciated.

    Martin Boehm, Mar 8, 2007
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