WPL to M3U: Changing the default playlist file format

Discussion in 'Windows Media Player' started by Jason Z, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. Jason Z

    Jason Z Guest

    [Re-posting from 12/22/04 - microsoft.public.multimedia.windows.mediaplayer;
    no responses]

    Hoping there's a genius / MVP / MSFT out there that has a fix or tweak for

    First off, I have to say I absolutely love Windows Media Player. 9 was
    awesome, 10 has been blowing my mind since it came out. It's tight, it's
    fast, it's not a resource hog like iTunes, et. al. and it is ridiculously
    well integrated into, well, everything else. Love the new look, still love
    the Taskbar player, rock on.

    If there is one feature that seems to lacking though, it's the ability to
    set the default playlist file format to anything other than .wpl. I know WPL
    is far superior and allows for dynamic list creation, et cetera et cetera,
    but the standards-compliant M3U (like MP3 for actual tracks) does seem to be
    the best-bet for sharing playlists with the widest range of people,
    especially across multiple platforms (i.e. when sharing lists with friends
    and co-workers across the country, and even countries, who run on Macs or
    whatnot. M3U seems to be the most universal as Importing and Exporting
    across platforms and players using .WPL or .ITL doesn't get one too far).

    While I have come up with a work-around for sharing both to and from (read:
    Importing and Exporting), it's a bit of a pain in the rump (for exporting to
    someone: Library > then Edit... the playlist > then Save Playlist As... >
    selecting .m3u > then deleting the .wpl both in the Library and in My
    Playlists folder to remove duplicates > ...; for importing from someone:
    blah blah blah ). I must give Windows Media Player massive credit again for
    even including the option as iTunes don't do squat. (The kids are always
    fighting, eh? : )

    But surely there's a better way.

    And if anyone has it, I would be more than appreciative. (So much so, I'll
    even give you a $1 through PayPal so you can buy a music track...)

    In eager anticipation,


    jmwz [at] hotmail.comma
    Jason Z, Jan 4, 2005
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