WSUS Client (Now you see it and now you don't)

Discussion in 'Update Services' started by J_Stoner, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. J_Stoner

    J_Stoner Guest


    Installed WSUS and followed instructions. I have 12 clients. 10 show up
    every time and 2 only interminently and never at the same time.

    About the clients:

    Dell SX260 Latest Firmware XP Pro
    Server knows they are there (Screensaver GPO active on both clients)
    Two clients share a switch.
    Both can connect and browse the network simultaneously.
    User logged into both clients


    When they do show up in WSUS its never together.

    Any help would be appreciated cause this one is a real stumper
    J_Stoner, Sep 15, 2005
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  2. Hi,

    Sounds like a issue where the SusClientId is the same on several

    If a source computer for an image is connected to a WSUS server, before
    you create the image, to avoid problems, you must under the registry key

    delete the following values:


    On the computers you already have running, you need to delete the
    same 3 registry values listed above.

    A couple of scripts in the links below that handles the registry values
    AccountDomainSid, PingID and SusClientId.
    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Sep 15, 2005
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  3. J_Stoner

    J_Stoner Guest

    Thanks - It worked
    J_Stoner, Sep 15, 2005
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