WSUS downloading all languages even though I just want one - whats up?

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Sam Jost, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. Sam Jost

    Sam Jost Guest

    In the WSUS options I stated I want updates only for german language.
    At first this seemed to work, but now the page is saying "download only
    for my locale" (so, still german only) but I'm getting all kinds of
    languages. I got the .NET framework service Pack 2 and the sharepoint
    services service pack in all kinds of languages I got no use for.

    Whats up with this? Someone labelt these updates wrong? Or will I get
    all languages now for some unknown reason?

    Sam Jost, Jul 11, 2005
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  2. Hi,

    For .NET Framework and SharePoint updates this is by "design", and
    you cannot avoid it.

    Because you can install any language version of .NET regardless of the
    OS language, WSUS needs to cover this.

    The language(s) you selected in the WSUS configuration, was for what
    *OS* language(s) you want to support. As you can install the Spanish
    version of the .NET Framework on a computer with an English OS, WSUS
    covers this by downloading the .NET update for all languages.

    More here:

    From: David Dehghan [MS] ()
    Subject: SUS download language problem
    Newsgroups: microsoft.public.softwareupdatesvcs
    Date: 2002-11-14 12:24:03 PST$

    From: Don Cottam [MS] ()
    Subject: Re: Here we go again
    Newsgroups: microsoft.public.softwareupdatesvcs
    Date: 2003-03-13 21:36:02 PST

    From: "Chris Ard [MSFT]" ()
    Subject: Re: SUS for OS subset?
    Newsgroups: microsoft.public.softwareupdatesvcs
    Date: 2004-09-14 08:24:56 PST

    And also:

    WSUS have it's own newsgroup:

    WebNews link to the WSUS newsgroup:

    Or use a newsgroup reader (default Outlook Express) to access this new

    Clicking on this link should open this group in OE:

    Torgeir Bakken \(MVP\), Jul 11, 2005
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  3. Sam Jost

    Sam Jost Guest

    But I know I got only german locales installed, thats why I selected
    this locale.

    And I could also install a different language office on my german xp,
    so to be consistent WSUS would need to download office service packs
    for all languages, too.

    Whats so special about wss and .net?
    When it's all about 'you might install a french framework on the german
    comp', you could also say 'you might install a french windows on a
    german domain'.

    Sam Jost, Jul 11, 2005
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