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Discussion in 'Update Services' started by David Brown, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. David Brown

    David Brown Guest

    I am after some help from you kind folks about an offline Wsus setup.

    I have a Non Internet connected network which I need to set WSUS up on (Win2008 R2 x64 both platforms).

    On my Connected network I have created a Hype-V (export server) installed SQLExpress and Wsus and configured the normal suspects (Products, Classifications, Update Files, Language and Auto Approve).

    I then Sync'd it and let it bring down all the required update's (about 15GB). I then used wsutil to export the metadata (.cab and .log).

    Using backupexec I backed up the Wsus folder on the C:\WSUS of the export server along with the metadata.

    Then on my disconnected network I installed sqlexpress and Wsus on a Hyper-V (Import Server) and used exactly the same setting as the export server. Once this was done I stopped the Wsus service and copied the restored WSUS folder to C:\. Just to make sure I re applied WSUS Admin over the NTFS. Thenwhen everything had copied I imported the Metadata.

    I the re started the service and looked at the updates which all seemed to be there. Just to get the ball rolling I approved them all to update (with out setting up a test group).

    Most to the XP workstations and servers picked up a few updates, then nothing.

    I have a GPO that kicks off the server and workstation check/install every night @ 23:00Hrs but while scanning through the updates I get quite a lot of the "still update is waiting to download" messages.

    I've check the size and permissions of the Wsus and Wsus Content folders onbot the import and export servers and they are identical.

    Can anyone help? Has anyone setup and offline wsus box that works?


    David Brown, Jun 20, 2012
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